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I have always admired those women who had the courage and dedication to compete. I loved looking and reading about the beautiful, strong models on the front of fitness magazines or secretly covet the competitors that were featured on its pages. Although I always thought it would be an incredible personal accomplishment to compete, there was always a quiet voice inside that said, “You could never do that.” After watching a couple of friends compete with the help of Sandy, a louder voice in my head starting saying, “Why can’t you compete? Of course you can. You can do anything.” This louder and more positive voice in my head might as well have been Sandy’s voice because that is exactly how she made me feel from day one – “You can do anything.”

I ultimately signed up for the Platinum Success Package because I wanted as much of Sandy and her guidance as I could get! I felt like this package held all of the pieces of the puzzle that I needed to be successful…the support, training sessions, meal plans, and posing. Sandy’s support was more than just unlimited text and email support, but these were truly essential to my success. I knew I could contact her at any time over the course of my training and she would always be there with the answer and accountability I needed. Another essential piece of the puzzle for me was to train weekly with her in her beautiful studio. Initially I wanted the weekly training to help keep me on track and face Sandy each week. Little did I know that these weekly sessions would produce a life-long friendship. A valued the intense workouts, but I valued our conversation, support, and friendship even more. The meal plans she created for me were delicious and easy and designed specifically for me and my success – just what a working mom needed! The last, but not least, piece of the puzzle were the posing sessions.


Sandy is the master at this! She knows exactly how to make you feel confident in a bikini and 5 inch heels and how to make small adjustments to walking and posing to make you look and feel your best. I loved the posing sessions, but will cherish the relationships that were formed during the BBS Crew Meetings held after posing. There is strength in being with other women who are going through the same things you are and can lean on each other for support.

I now have competed in 3 different competitions this past season, and placed in the top 5 at each one! With Sandy’s attention to detail and support, I didn’t have to worry about one thing on competition day. She walked me through my training, the competition, and has provided me with post competition support to stay on track off-season. Thank-you Sandy for taking me on an unbelievable journey and showing me what I was truly capable of and that I could indeed “do anything!” Love you! Trish

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