I am 49 years old and have been struggling with my weight and body image since I was a teenager and frankly it has become exhausting. I have literally tried every fad diet that has been marketed in the past 30 years, and while many of them offered quick weight loss results, not one of them made me healthier or stronger, or became a lifestyle that provided lasting change. While I was not necessarily looking for a personal trainer or a nutrition coach when a friend referred me to Sandy, my mindset was that I could not leave any stone unturned when it came to my body issues. I have been training with Sandy for eight months and I have enjoyed our time together immensely! Sandy encouraged me from the beginning to set my goals and reach toward them on a daily basis. One of my goals was to be able to be a testimonial on her website and I am thrilled to say that Sandy has helped me achieve this goal. I have lost 14 pounds and have gone from 28% body fat to 17% body fat. I have strength and definition in my muscles. I am eating whole foods, preparing my foods in a healthier fashion and working out regularly. Sandy tailored my fitness program to meet my individual needs. She customized my nutrition plan to meet my finicky tastes while staying within healthy guidelines. She also supplied me with a home aerobic and weight program that I can use when I am no longer meeting with her. Sandy was always available to answer questions by phone or email and she gave me the accountability and frequent encouragement that I needed as my own worst critic. While I still have a couple of more goals in sight, Sandy has provided me with the tools and mindset that I need to move forward in a healthy and positive fashion. Sandy became more than my mentor, she became a dear friend, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who thinks their goals are unattainable, because she will help you make them a reality.


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I wouldn’t have been able to finally do what I have wanted to do for years without working with Sandy, and that was to compete and step on stage! From the moment I started working with her I was at ease and knew she could take me to the next level. She was there for all my posing, stage presentation, confidence, guidance and even the small stuff i.e., suit color, tan color, and even my jewelry and hair! Thank god she was backstage as well, I would just call her name, and she would just come out of nowhere! I can’t thank Sandy enough for her time, knowledge, and guidance through this process. I now consider Sandy a friend and coach from here on out, whether it be just to maintain a healthy lifestyle or compete again!


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Being in my late thirties, I thought it would be difficult to change my body simply because I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. This on top of dealing with a slow metabolism, feeling tired and sluggish, I knew I had to find a way to change my body without using the typical diet pills, fat burners or even crash dieting. I approached Sandy about personal training, I had a goal. I was planning a trip to China to visit my husband who had been away for several months coaching professional basketball. I wanted to surprise him by showing up being in the best shape I could possibly be in. Our plan after China was to leave on a cruise to the Western Caribbean. I definitely had motivation to work as hard as I could. Sandy provided me with a nutritional plan that I loved! This Combining with her fat burning workout program, I went from 20.3% body fat to 15% body fat and lost a total of 5 inches off waste and hips in only 90 days. When I arrived in China, Scott my husband told me how amazing I looked. Honestly I had never felt better about myself. I definitely felt I became very lean and had the six-pack abs. I was very confident when I put my bikini on for our cruise. I am proof that even with a thyroid condition, with proper diet and balanced workout; you can change your body, and can change your life! I loved working out with Sandy! She is truly an inspiration to train with as she is an excellent example of what many women strive to become! Simply put a great role model and an exceptional caring person. Thanks Sandy I couldn’t have achieved this type of result without your program.