Leah's before & after front.jpg

When I started with Sandy in December 2015, I was looking to achieve a long-time goal of finally getting that “perfect body” I had in my mind. I was fit, but I always fell short of my ultimate goal.

Leah's before & after back.jpg

A bodybuilding competition gave me a concrete deadline, and Sandy showed me how to perfect my diet and training to get that balanced strong and feminine look.

She kept me motivated and accountable. I hoped to do well at the competition but I was shocked when I won my division and then won first place overall in the novice category. It was such an incredible feeling standing on stage knowing all the hard work paid off.


My body looks better now after two kids than it did at 20 years old. I’m so glad that I worked with Sandy instead of trying to do it on my own, because her years of experience and her dedication and investment were a crucial factor in my success.

After the show I took fitness photographs with an amazing photographer Sandy recommended, Lyman Winn. They are now my all-time favorite pictures of myself and I’ll always have them to commemorate the goal I set, the work I put in, and the happiness I felt at hitting the mark dead center.

In 4 months Leah lost 13 lbs. 17.5 inches overall and 5.5% body fat.


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