My name is Misty and I have been a public relations/marketing professional for almost two decades. I am currently Director of Communications at Owlet Baby Care, a company that makes products that monitor babies. I have an adorable husband, two children, four step-children, one sweet grandchild and two cats.

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I found Sandy Hancock when I was at my worst self both physically and mentally. I didn’t look or feel good and my stomach was upset and bloated all the time. I had frequent headaches and arthritis in my joints and wrists. Each day, I would look myself in the mirror and cry because the body I once had was gone.

As I’ve gotten older, the fitness methods I used so successfully in the past abruptly stopped working for me. I knew I had to find something that would give my body the change I needed. But lifting weights seemed far off the path of what I thought I could achieve.

However, Sandy made it easy. She offered me so much support and helped me believe in myself again. She encouraged me to make changes and become my best self. She made this journey enjoyable and simple to follow with step-by-step instructions.


Now my stomach rarely aches due to the wholesome foods I eat, my joints are strengthened to the point I don’t have pain anymore and most importantly: I no longer cry in the mirror because I actually like how I look!

Misty lost 11 lbs, 8% body fat and 13 inches overall.

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