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I got into fitness after a big turning point in my life. I looked in the mirror and finally realized how much I had let myself go. Aside from not looking great I wasn’t healthy. I had literally never set foot in a gym before. So I just decided to start immediately. Bought some workout clothes and went to my college gym. I just started with lots of running. I would do crunches here and there and maybe a little weights. But the more I was at the gym the more I learned just by watching people. I started to look better and feel better quickly because my lifestyle changed so dramatically, food and fitness. It has made me become mentally and physically stronger than I ever thought possible. I have become confidant and healthy. I plan to continue competing for a while but I look forward to living a healthy lifestyle with eating and exercising now that I know so much more it’s easy to stay on track.

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I started working with Sandy because I wanted to compete. I was eating healthy but wasn’t eating what I needed to for my goals. She has helped me so much with my diet and working with my body. Not to mention she has helped me learn to pose! She has been so supportive throughout my competitions and even off season. Through her I have gained a huge support system of wonderful people. I couldn’t have done it without her. Staying on track for a healthy life is easy once you have healthy minded people who surround you and you honestly love it!

Love you Sandy!

Love, Dallas

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