Jenny's Before & After Success Story

I want to share with you a bikini transformation story about my client Jenny. Like most, she wanted to get in shape but she also had a deeper reason. This story is about her "why". How stepping on stage helped her get over her shyness and create the confidence she needed that would empower her in work and in everyday life.

In her journey, she created more confidence but also a beautiful physique she was proud of. She also learned about her body, how great she could feel and what it was like to have a healthier quality of life. Watch and listen to her story about the valuable lessons and tools she learned, which she is now applying to her life, and how she got the body of her dreams.

Jenny's before & after-back.jpg
Jenny's before and after-back.jpg

I’m so proud of Jenny’s dedication and hard work in sticking to her program. She did what was needed and was able to show not just a beautiful physique but also the confident, empowered women she became.

Me with Jenn.jpg

Jenny lost 4% body fat, 18.25 inches, and 6 lbs. Just goes to show that the number on the scale isn’t the main concern when it comes to body composition. She only lost 6 lbs but she lost 18.25 inches overall….so amazing! Congrats Jenny! :)