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I started to experience panic attacks about 13 months ago. Panic attacks are not fun and completely scary. During my panic attacks I would fall to the ground, scream, hyperventilate, then cry. My children witnessed this condition that I developed and it scared them to the point that they were always asking if I took my medication.  Not knowing why all the sudden I started having these attacks I went to the doctors and was prescribed anxiety medication. I was so miserable and just needed this condition fixed. The medication gave me a temporary fix and that is it.

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I was told many times by many doctors that exercise and eating healthy would help decrease my illness. Well, I finally listened and that's when I found Sandy. In these past ten weeks I have learned how to eat clean, when to eat, what to eat. I have learned how much I should weight train and cardio weekly. I have learned how to maintain a proper form as well. I would like to share with you, I have not had one panic attack or even felt any anxiety since this life change. Other benefits since I started training with sandy are that I haven't had any headaches like I had daily before, I do not have mood swings right before my menstrual like I used too, I have energy to keep up with my 8 kids, school, work, and life.  No more stomach aches like I had with everything I ate. I love looking at myself in the mirror and I feel confident in a swimsuit :) .  Thank you sandy for not only making me look great on my outside but for giving me the tools and knowledge on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, for believing in me, giving me hope and knowing that all those illnesses I had before was because of my lifestyle and they are curable . Thank you for contributing to my healthier mental health. 

In 10 weeks Jamie lost 8.25 inches and 7.6% body fat. 

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