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Growing up, I was always petite. I had a small frame, decent curves, could eat junk food like it was going out of style, have two kids, and bounce right back. Thank you, good genes…I took complete advantage of this. Then, I had baby number three. Goodbye good jeans and goodbye good genes! Nothing bounced back into shape. Things just jiggled, everything jiggled. I figured I’d give it some time, a year, and nothing changed. I was still the largest I had ever been. As my jean size continued to rise, my self-esteem dropped. I hated shopping, being around people, looking in the mirror, everything. I was grumpy and had a negative attitude toward everything and everyone. I decided I would get a gym membership and after 5 months, there was still no change. Frustrating!

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I had heard of Sandy through my sister-in-law and saw the amazing changes she had made. My sister-in-law was looking fantastic, so I sent Sandy and email. She was so sincere and excited to help another person. I decided to sign up, hoping that I would not fail. Sandy required starting pictures…in a swimsuit… YIKES! I saw my pictures and sent them off thinking everything negative. I didn’t tell anyone I had signed up with Sandy, expecting to fail, but having enough hope that Sandy could be my miracle worker.

I had met with Sandy and was very scared and nervous. But after talking for a few minutes with her, I felt like she was the most caring, encouraging, supportive person. She knew what she was talking about. She set her guidelines and I knew she actually wanted to see me succeed. I did not want to fail.

Sandy set me up with EVERYTHING I needed to get back in shape. The nutrition aspect was the biggest change. I was eating a lot more than I had ever before in my life and there was no endless, snacking on Goldfish and junk. She responded quickly to any questions. She encouraged me when I doubted myself. I was beginning to set goals and look for the positive. After a few short weeks, I had noticed a change! People began to notice a change, not only in my appearance, but my attitude. There were positive changes in my physical and mental health happening and I gave credit to Sandy. I told everyone I had an amazing trainer! I became focused and knew I would not fail! I would not fail my trainer, my family, or myself!

In twelve weeks, I have learned so much working with Sandy. She has been a life saver! She has helped me change my physical health and my mental health. I have learned about the importance of nutrition, weight training, and cardio. I have learned the importance of changing self-doubt to personal empowerment. I cannot tell you enough, how truly grateful I am to have worked with Sandy. She is an amazing, caring, knowledgeable, trusting, and encouraging person and trainer!

I am excited to work with Sandy again and would highly recommend her to anyone!

12-Weeks Leanna lost 5% body fat, 7 inches and 5.6 lbs.

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