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I have always been a person that liked to workout and feel good about myself. I am a mother of 2 and am 41 years old. In my early 20’s I was all about fasting, low calories, low fat, crazy fad diets and did a ton of cardio. Even with all that, I never could get my body the amount of muscle/toning I wanted. In my 30’s after having babies, I found myself going right back into that pattern again. Of course my body was different after having kids, but it was still hard to swallow the fact that even with the low calories and a ton of cardio, I would lose weight, but then it would come right back on and I still could not get that muscle tone. Then I hit my 40’s. I thought enough was enough of the roller coaster of weight.

Lara's before & after back.jpg

I met Sandy 13 years ago. She was the fittest/hottest 40 year old I had ever met. We stayed somewhat in touch over the years, but when I finally made the choice to go a different direction in my fitness, she was the first person that came to my mind. I called her up and set my consultation appointment. It was life changing for me! Sandy shifted my paradigms of what I thought I knew was the “right way”, to what was really the way to work out and eat.

The meal plans she gave me were amazing and easy. It was a lot of food and totally against what I used to think, but after her explaining to me that I needed to eat and to look at food as fuel for my body and to help create muscle, I knew I had to just follow her plan.

Then came the weights. I had never really lifted weights before when I worked out. I am now so in love with weight training it is crazy. Sandy was so great in helping me correct my form when I needed it and knowing what was the right weight for me. She changed it up every time, so it was fun to see what new things I learn when I came in for my training appointments.

Then came the affirmations and self talk. Sandy taught me so much about these things and helped me on those rough days. Her positive attitude and laughter (boy did we laugh a lot!!) brought such an amazing level of energy into my workouts and carried me for days. (Dang it, I realize how much I am missing her right now!!)

Sandy has been such an integral part of my life for the last 6 months. All she taught me changed my body composition in ways I had NEVER seen before, but always wanted to achieve and never thought I could. She also helped created a stronger and healthier woman, mind, body and spirit! She posses all the attributes you could ever want in a trainer. She’s empathetic, but also knows when to push you. She is for sure my role model in health, fitness and being an amazingly graceful and classy lady!!

Lara lost 10 lbs, 6% body fat and 8.25 inches

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