I would like to recognize Taylor as my client spotlight this month. Taylor is a professional dancer and a college student. Taylor came to me because she couldn’t lose weight, she was insulin resistant, and pre-diabetic. She also had PCOS. Fast forward one year, she is no longer insulin resistant or pre-diabetic, her skin cleared up and she now has regular menstrual cycles.

Here is a little about what she said about her journey while training with me.

Taylor's before & after front.jpg

I had MAJOR confidence issues before training with Sandy that I was able to overcome. Like, huge. I never wanted to be in pictures, only wore pants/shirts with sleeves, and avoided activities like swimming. I even went to Italy with my family last summer and refused to be in any pictures--which, in hindsight, is so sad! I have no memories of myself in a cool, fun place because I was so self-conscious about my body.

I learned how truly precious our bodies are, and how good it feels to be STRONG! I love being able to lift heavy and endure longer. I love pushing my body to its limits and being sore the next day. I never really knew these things about myself until I started working out with Sandy.

Taylor's 1 year transformation-Back.jpg

I was able to change my inner dialogue. Not just with fitness, but with everything. Through the affirmations Sandy developed for me, I began a habit of being kinder and gentler with myself, in all aspects of my life. I am less of a perfectionist, and I know that it’s okay to mess up sometimes as long as I get back up and try again. I don’t take myself so seriously anymore, and I my life is so much more optimistic.

I feel good on the inside. I have way more energy, and way more zest for life. Before, I got tired so quickly and had zero energy to even do just simple, everyday tasks. I don’t get sick as often, I sleep a lot better, and I dance better too. I have felt a huge increase in my quality of life.

I don’t feel afraid anymore. I feel comfortable enough to wear what I want, to do activities that make me happy, and pursue different goals. Before, I felt like my body image dictated everything I did and the way I felt, and it was NEVER good. I am a dancer, and I felt like I missed out on a lot of opportunities because I didn’t feel good enough to go for them. I have way less anxiety, and my depression has diminished astronomically.

I did not know that I could actually feel confident in the gym! Before, I was so intimidated and uncomfortable in the gym, and now not only do I feel good there, I look forward to it and enjoy spending time there.

I didn’t realize how important it was to properly fuel your body before I started going to Sandy. Now, with her help, I eat foods so that I can train, and maintain optimal health. Before, it was more about counting calories and being crazy number-obsessed. I have been able to change my outlook on food and now view it as a positive thing that can help me reach my goals rather than see it as the enemy.


I was able to change my eating habits with Sandy. I used to eat a lot of processed, nutrient-devoid foods, and now I eat filling and nutritious foods. I replaced my bad eating habits with good ones because I began to care about what went into my body!

I was able to incorporate a steady workout routine into my life. Previously, I only exercised sporadically, and never saw results because of that. The way Sandy set up my workout routine has made going to the gym now a habit rather than a chore that I feel like I can put off.

My pituitary anxiety and depression have decreased exponentially. I worry a lot less and feel optimistic about my life. I feel good again.

Taylor lost 12.5% body fat, 27 inches overall and 17 lbs.

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