I had always been active through my life- with a mixture of running, aerobics, and various sports. Even periods of weight lifting- depending on what my time and mood was like.

I was feeling great, probably in as good of shape as I had been. I was done having children (5 of them) and moving on with life. But that changed just 2 months into my 39th year, when I was diagnosed with colon cancer. How did THAT happen???!

After a fast surgery and a year of weekly chemotherapy, I was in the worst shape of my life. There were many things I learned that year- one of which was you can actually GAIN weight on chemo…Another surprise. Between my age? and the effects of a comparatively sedentary sick year- I gained weight.

Fast forward 20 years. My exercise routine and diet didn’t have the same results it had before. I was still working at losing some of the weight I had gained during the ” chemo years” and I was becoming what I termed as ‘ thick’.

My exercise and diet didn’t have the same results it had before, even though I felt like I was working harder and spending more time at the gym. I also had a number of trainers- all men.

They were great and I liked them, but after months that turned into years, there were no measurable positive results.

I was really discouraged. When I had an unexpected knee surgery (as a result of a sports injury) life was appearing bleak. I was wondering if I would ever get back to where I wanted to be and be able to keep up with my kids and grandchildren!

A friend of mine had gone too Sandy after having a serious back surgery, and was looking fantastic and feeling strong. I was intrigued to find out if I could possibly think of having half the results: A woman trainer, who worked with injuries, and got great results. It seemed too good to be true. After looking up her website, it took me awhile to contact Sandy. I definitely didn’t fit the paradigm. I was not young and cute- nor did I have ANY desire to be in a bikini again. (could a bikini be defined as a 2- piece that went from your neck to your knees)? But never say never.

I really felt like I was out of options. I just wanted to be fit , feel good, and fit in clothes again. Even though I was a little intimidated- I thought it would be worth making an appointment with her so she could see what she would have to work with. And as it turned out- she should have been my first and only option!

She couldn’t have been nicer (genuinely) and professional. (She didn’t seem to be alarmed and there were no gasps or pasted smiles). I made one of the best decisions of my ‘ mature’ life that day and signed up to train with her! 

I really looked forward to training. I was excited to do my part and hoped the results came with that enthusiasm and effort. It was not easy- but always doable. It didn’t take long for those close to me to see results. I was amazed at how my body transformed before my own eyes. Sandy was so positive and knowledgable. I was surprised how in tune she was with my body and muscles. She worked around my schedule and through my injuries and ‘ tweaks’ and I didn’t miss a beat. I never dreamed I would get the results I did in the relatively short time I trained with her. In 5 months I lost 12% body fat, 30.25 inches overall and 28 lbs. Anyone who is considering changing your life for the better and learning how to have a healthy fit life- needs to seriously consider Sandy as a trainer. Her knowledge of diet and exercise and how they work together are a winning combination. She is truly amazing and my hope for writing this is that all women no matter what age could feel better both physically and mentally. I know I do.

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