I am pretty sure my journey to the stage started like a lot of women’s; either via observation of others at the gym or going to a local bodybuilding show and being completely awestruck at the gorgeous and flawless bodies before me, all the while thinking ” I COULD NEVER DO THAT”. This particular journey began with that exact mental roadblock, but I pushed past it and keep pushing past the mental stops on a daily basis (even now, I look at the contest photos and think, I did that?). Ok, so… as I decided I needed (yet another) goal to push me to lose the weight, I chose a figure competition, talk about going to extremes… and I gave myself only 12 weeks. I thought ‘I will watch You Tube videos, get a suit, tan up, follow an online diet and I’ll be good to go’; WRONG! I spoke with a dear friend of mine about my plan and the first words out of her mouth were ‘get a coach’. She recommended Sandy Hancock, said she was the absolute best and gave me her contact information. I contacted Sandy and scheduled an appointment. The day I walked into her home, I was literally cringing at what she was going to do to me (calipers and tape measure equaled fear) and found out at 135 lbs. and 23.5% body fat, I had a VERY long way to go. I signed up for Sandy’s Platinum Success Series, knowing that I needed the very best I could get for this undertaking. I was so doubtful, I kept asking her ‘can I do this, is it realistic?’ and she simply and confidently replied, ‘yes, I have seen some women go through amazing transformations’. I think I asked her a few dozen times during any conversation, from July through October, ‘can I do this?’, and she never wavered with her support. She helped me prepare my affirmations and the one sentence that stuck with me this entire time is “I see things from start to finish” and honestly, I realized I never did that, I had this horrible habit of stopping mid-way with so many self -improvement projects.

I’m going to break, just to tell a little bit about myself because I think so many women can relate. I have always had VERY poor self esteem when it came to my body image; I have curves, never have been what people consider skinny, and I have always equated my beauty and sense of self with a number on the scale or a size; those numbers or sizes go up, self-worth plummets. I also am a very hard working, intelligent and driven woman; I work full time, and am a full time and single mom, I have a home I take care of and the remaining hours of the day are spent at the gym; I do all of this and do it well, so, why was it that in all of these successes, I let my one self defeating weakness be my body image? Where could I find the courage to get past this and get up on stage, wearing close to nothing, and letting the world judge me? I found it by closing my eyes and going forward with my decision; this is where the ‘start to finish’ affirmation was key. I wanted this like nothing I have before and I was going to do it. I followed my nutrition and training plans to the letter and kept myself going with (obsessive) on-line searches of bodybuilding, figure and fitness sites, but nothing compared to working one on one with Sandy. Training with her on a weekly basis was phenomenal; she pushed me like I have never been pushed before. When not training with Sandy, I would wake up before my son was up and train with some equipment at home, then would ‘drag’ my sweet and patient child to the gym in the evenings. I didn’t just ‘have’ the time to do all of this, I made the time to do all of this. The day prior to my October competition, I was at 114 pounds and 12% body fat, I was in shock. During my transformation I leaned on Sandy more than she realized…I would use our appointments as motivation not to stray from my nutrition or training. Even after my competitions, I realized I needed to keep in contact and continue training with Sandy as the accountability factor plays a huge role in my journey towards my fitness goals. None of this has been what people would call easy, it comes down to a lot of hard and consistent work, but I want to scream from the rooftop that it is SO WORTH IT!!!!! The feeling of setting and reaching my goal is honestly the most wonderful feeling in the world. Thank you Sandy, so so much, for accompanying me on my journey; your knowledge, experience and friendship has truly been the foundation of my success. I couldn’t be more grateful and words cannot do justice how appreciative I am of the opportunities provided by you. We truly make a great team!


I’m not sure where to begin talking about my journey, so I’ll start when I first began gaining an unhealthy amount of weight. I was not an active child, and I began putting on weight in about 3rd grade. I kept gaining weight throughout middle school and high school, so by the time I began college I was obese. During college, I hit my highest weight, 168 lbs. on a 5’1″ frame. I didn’t have a strong support system either. My family happily pointed out that I was fat, but never bothered to frame it in a context of concern for my health. I was just fat! My self-esteem gradually eroded, and I developed eating disorders, which I battled through most of high school and my early college years. Luckily, my school had a great counseling program for women with eating disorders and after about 6 months of private and group counseling, I reached a place where I could manage the eating disorders and my physical health. I learned to make better food choices and to incorporate physical activity into my life, though I didn’t enjoy it very much. It took several years, but I finally reached a healthy weight. And in the process, I discovered a love of shopping and fashion! Fashion became my gateway drug to fitness and a main motivation for working out until one day I realized I loved my workouts as much as my wardrobe, and that’s saying a lot!

About 2 years ago, I was in the grocery store and picked up a copy of Fitness Rx for Women with Nathalia Melo on the cover. When I got to the section of competition updates, I knew that I wanted to compete, but I still lacked the confidence to get into the weight room, let alone on stage. I didn’t think it was possible for me to get into that kind of shape, and I was scared to try. Fast forward to 3 months ago. I still wanted to compete and I realized that I was getting in my own way. It was time to quit tripping myself up and at least give it a shot. So I goggled SLC Bikini coaches and it brought up the Sandy Hancock and her website Body By Sandy. I was still scared when I went for my initial consultation with Sandy, but I had a goal to compete in the NPC show on October 13th 2012, which was only 8 weeks away. I didn’t think it was possible to get in the right shape in time, but I went in with a “Now or Never” mindset and a commitment to give it my all, possible or not. Within 2 days, I had my nutrition and cardio plans. It was hard, especially drinking a gallon of water a day. But I stuck with it and kept focused on my goal and how I wanted to look for the show. Then came my first posing session. I was terrified! I hadn’t worn a swimsuit publicly for nearly 15 years, so posing in a bikini, in heels, in a gym with people watching was mortifying. But I managed to get through it. Then the first thing I did was buy a couple of big mirrors and I made a “studio” in my basement. I practiced and practiced until my back was sore almost every day. Before I realized it, the impossible had become possible. I had dropped 6% body fat and Sandy said I was in the right shape to compete and that my routine was looking really good. I felt great, and loved the way I looked. But I was still terrified because part of me worried that maybe I wasn’t ready or in the right shape and that Sandy was just being nice to preserve my feelings. And I was still terrified at the show. I was shaking horribly on stage, praying no one would notice. Honestly, the fear didn’t wear off until I got my first trophy at the evening show. I took home three trophies that night, two 4th places and one 2nd place. And I haven’t been scared since. I can’t express how crucial it was, and still is, having Sandy in my corner. She gave me great nutrition and cardio plans that were key in changing my body composition. She also helped me through posing, giving me great feedback and homework to practice after each session. But the best support she gave me was the emotional support. Whether it was my freak-outs about drinking a gallon of water a day, or my uneasiness with posing, she always gave me the right support for each situation. Because of Sandy, I was able to overcome my fears and gain a new confidence that has carried over into my everyday life. I can’t wait to work with Sandy again for the next competitive season.


I have always admired those women who had the courage and dedication to compete. I loved looking and reading about the beautiful, strong models on the front of fitness magazines or secretly covet the competitors that were featured on its pages. Although I always thought it would be an incredible personal accomplishment to compete, there was always a quiet voice inside that said, “You could never do that.” After watching a couple of friends compete with the help of Sandy, a louder voice in my head starting saying, “Why can’t you compete? Of course you can. You can do anything.” This louder and more positive voice in my head might as well have been Sandy’s voice because that is exactly how she made me feel from day one – “You can do anything.” I ultimately signed up for the Platinum Success Package because I wanted as much of Sandy and her guidance as I could get! I felt like this package held all of the pieces of the puzzle that I needed to be successful…the support, training sessions, meal plans, and posing. Sandy’s support was more than just unlimited text and email support, but these were truly essential to my success. I knew I could contact her at any time over the course of my training and she would always be there with the answer and accountability I needed. Another essential piece of the puzzle for me was to train weekly with her in her beautiful studio. Initially I wanted the weekly training to help keep me on track and face Sandy each week. Little did I know that these weekly sessions would produce a life-long friendship. A valued the intense workouts, but I valued our conversation, support, and friendship even more. The meal plans she created for me were delicious and easy and designed specifically for me and my success – just what a working mom needed! The last, but not least, piece of the puzzle were the posing sessions. Sandy is the master at this! She knows exactly how to make you feel confident in a bikini and 5 inch heels and how to make small adjustments to walking and posing to make you look and feel your best. I loved the posing sessions, but will cherish the relationships that were formed during the BBS Crew Meetings held after posing. There is strength in being with other women who are going through the same things you are and can lean on each other for support. I now have competed in 3 different competitions this past season, and placed in the top 5 at each one! With Sandy’s attention to detail and support, I didn’t have to worry about one thing on competition day. She walked me through my training, the competition, and has provided me with post competition support to stay on track off-season. Thank-you Sandy for taking me on an unbelievable journey and showing me what I was truly capable of and that I could indeed “do anything!” Love you! Trish Allen


I got into fitness after a big turning point in my life. I looked in the mirror and finally realized how much I had let myself go. Aside from not looking great I wasn’t healthy. I had literally never set foot in a gym before. So I just decided to start immediately. Bought some workout clothes and went to my college gym. I just started with lots of running. I would do crunches here and there and maybe a little weights. But the more I was at the gym the more I learned just by watching people. I started to look better and feel better quickly because my lifestyle changed so dramatically, food and fitness. It has made me become mentally and physically stronger than I ever thought possible. I have become confidant and healthy. I plan to continue competing for a while but I look forward to living a healthy lifestyle with eating and exercising now that I know so much more its easy to stay on track.

I started working with Sandy because I wanted to compete. I was eating healthy but wasn’t eating what I needed to for my goals. She has helped me so much with my diet and working with my body. Not to mention she has helped me learn to pose! She has been so supportive throughout my competitions and even off season. Through her I have gained a huge support system of wonderful people. I couldn’t have done it without her. Staying on track for a healthy life is easy once you have healthy minded people who surround you and you honestly love it!

Love you Sandy!

Love, Dallas


August 2011 my husband left for an 8 months deployment. Two days after he left I found out I was pregnant. A few months later I miscarried. Somehow I gained a whopping twenty pounds! I was a wreck. Self esteem was at an all time low and I didn’t think it was ever going back up. I felt so disappointed in myself for looking the way I did. I NEEDED to feel better. Fortunately I was able to visit my husband while he was in Italy. When I was there he asked me, “If you could be anything, what would you be?” I answered, “A fitness model.” I felt embarrassed for admitting that, but I had been spending hours on the internet just looking at women who were on the covers of magazines, I wanted to look like them. He answered, “Okay, so why aren’t you?” That’s when I realized that I was the only thing stopping me from being the person I wanted to be. Luckily, I stumbled upon Body By Sandy. I emailed Sandy and told her I’d be in town January 2012 and I wanted to get started ASAP. My goal was to compete in the April 2012 NGA show. When I met with Sandy for my consultation she said that I could be ready in time for the NPC show in March. I was so excited but I didn’t believe her. I was so wrong. I ended up competing in March at the NPC show. I won Overall in Novice AND Overall in Open! It was unreal! I still ended up competing in April at the NGA show and took Overall AGAIN!! It was a dream come true. My husband got home from deployment just in time for the NGA Mountain States in March, where I placed 2nd! I purchased the Gold package from Sandy and it was the best investment! Any time I had a question, Sandy had an answer and put me at ease. I worked with Sandy in her home gym once every other week. It always gave me a boost, a reminder that I can do this. The meal plans she made for me were perfect, She knew exactly what I needed to be ready. I also got weight training programs from her as well. I loved getting to try new exercises. Posing sessions with Sandy are a must! I did private and group posing. The BBS Crew was amazing! I am so happy that I got to meet such inspiring women! Another thing that is great about working with Sandy is that she will write you positive affirmations. I read my affirmations every day and they helped me get through emotionally. Sandy really hits every part of training. She not only helped me achieve my competition goals, but she made me see how strong of a person I am mentally. Words can’t express how grateful I am for being able to work with Sandy. It is obvious how passionate she is about her work and helping every woman she trains. In the end you won’t have just a trainer/coach you’ll have a friend  Love you Sandy!


Where do I even begin to tell my story about working with Sandy? AMAZING! I’m 24 years old and have grown up as what I thought was an athlete. I played basketball and took it across country to play collegiate ball. In my mind I had been in shape and knew how to work out….boy was I wrong! I met a former client of Sandy Hancock who participated in bikini competitions and was instantly intrigued with her training and how amazing she looked. I took it upon myself to find Body By Sandy and meet this HOT trainer. Sandy was so kind, experienced in the area and HONEST! Exactly what I was looking for. We discussed my problem areas that I thought I’d never rid myself of, a nutrition plan and exercise. I began my 14 week journey to my first competition. I’m not going to say it was easy but having Sandy as my cheerleader and mentor made all the difference in the world. Sept. 24, 2011 I stepped onto stage for the first time down 17 pounds, 18 inches and 8% body fat!!! I placed!! I couldn’t believe it, I had come so far! Sandy was amazing when it came to teaching me posing and how to be graceful on stage. Learning to pose with Sandy was a blast, she knows her stuff. Two weeks later with my customized exercise and meal plan I placed 1st in my bikini height.  I’m so grateful to have met a woman who has a passion to help, guide and educate other females to become their best selves. I’m in the best shape of my life, I understand nutrition and taking care of my body better than I ever have. If you’re looking to improve yourself physically, train with Sandy Hancock! Love, Madison King


I had knee surgery two years ago. Since then I had been struggling to build muscle back in my lower half and get my body back into shape. I started being hard on myself and felt depressed. I just wanted to give up. An acquaintance referred me to Sandy:) I checked her site out. She looked fantastic and I decided to contact her! Sandy made getting back in shape fun and creative! I felt like she really cared about what I needed. I had results amazingly right away! Sandy also gave me the tools for proper supplementation and to eat healthier. Her meal plans are delicious! Sandy helped me to feel comfortable, strong, and confident again. She has truly touched my life and I will be forever grateful!

Thanks again for everything Sandy! You are a wonderful motivating trainer and are one of the kindest, sweetest people I know :)


Six months, 25 pounds, 20 inches and an extra 11.5 percent body fat ago, I stepped into Sandy’s office after a 7-year battle of several failed attempts at shedding the final 20 pounds of the whopping 40 I had gained while living in the serene, chocolate-and-cheese-laden hills of Europe. Sitting in Sandy’s home studio, I couldn’t help but be inspired surrounded by the myriad of trophies, awards and photos denoting her amazing success and dedication to her figure competitions and career as an incredibly experienced, knowledgeable trainer. Though I originally sought out Sandy’s help to improve my marathon-running and decrease joint pain, I decided to take advantage of her training expertise and embark on the ultimate journey of discipline-mastery and endurance and train for a figure competition. It didn’t take long for the scale, mirror and my overall well-being to prove that Sandy’s intuitive program was the recipe to success. Not only did I start to look better and feel better, my back and knee pain from two herniated discs and IT band syndrome (runner’s knee) started to subside and feel significantly better. I was also amazed at the increase in energy I experienced as well as the amount of insight that I gained regarding my health habits and the implemented changes that made such a remarkable difference. Before I started working with Sandy, I would just go to the gym and jump on the cardio machines, avoiding all contact with the all-too intimidating and bewildering weights. With Sandy’s support and knowledge training three times a week in the early hours at her home studio, I quickly became comfortable with weight lifting and how to properly train and challenge my body. Along with personalized training, Sandy assessed my progress every three weeks by observing photos, testing body fat, taking measurements and surveying my overall satisfaction with the program. Based on the results from each three-week updated assessment, Sandy would customize nutrition plans comprised of six, delicious, client-specific meals to ensure ultimate success in meeting goals. While working toward the long-term goal to compete in the NPC 2011 Figure Competition in Utah, I was accepted to a PhD program at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. I debated continuing my training due to all of the stress that moving, school and work can create. I was also worried about moving out-of-state and not having the proper in-person support and training that had attributed so much to my success. After Sandy assured me that we could do training online with meal and training plans sent via email and recalling all of the hard work I had put toward my goal, I decided to continue to train for the competition and made plans to travel back to Utah to compete in October 2011. Sandy continued to support and encourage me from afar, despite my occasional bouts of “Can I do this?” expressed in complete panic via phone and email. As the competition drew nearer, I leaned on Sandy’s posing expertise in order to hone and polish my presentation on stage. Sandy also equipped me with all of the materials, support and confidence that I needed in order to step on that stage to present six months of some of the hardest mental and physical endurance training in which I had ever been involved. Unlike the marathon, which only has one 20th mile on which runners “hit the wall,” and begin to solely depend on mental capacity, I felt like I was running that same “20th mile” for the final three weeks before the competition. When it came time to step on that stage, it was exhilarating to see my six-month goal come to fruition and to even place third in height class and fifth in the novice class. It is interesting to look back and think how much this experience changed my life. My overall quality of life, perception, attitude, ability to handle and endure trials and challenges have all improved significantly. It is amazing to recognize how learning and exerting such self-discipline could help in so many different areas in my life. I couldn’t be more grateful to Sandy for the gift of fitness and life that she gave to me through her knowledge, support, friendship, sweet personality and optimism!! I am now gearing up to compete in the Emerald Cup Figure Competition in Washington in April 2012 and am excited to continue to work with Sandy until I once again step on that stage. Thank you Sandy!!


Wow! I just competed in my 1st figure competition at 50! It wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise, knowledge, and guidance of Sandy. I started working out on February 11th, 2009. I went from 0 to 6 days a week. I’d never worked out consistently before that. In August I had a goal of getting in bikini shape for a cruise and achieved my goals. I had a body fat test done and was told it was within competition range; that planted the seed of competing in a figure competition. I asked around for the best person to train me for this goal and Sandy’s name came up multiple times. I met with Sandy for a consultation and asked her about the possibility of me competing or just working with her to improve my glutes and legs. I told her I had worked with trainers before and was specifically looking for someone who could analyze my body and tell me which muscles needed more development. A month later in December I began weight training with her on-site in her fantastic home gym and following her planned menus and cardio routines. At the end of February I made the decision to train with a figure competition in mind. Working out with Sandy is amazing. She challenges and motivates me beyond my capabilities of working out alone. She is mindful of my age limitations, injuries and abilities, making sure correct form is always at the core when increasing weight and achieving greater flexibility. The menu plans are incredibly healthy and fun introducing me to new ways to combine proteins and carbohydrates. She is always willing to educate me on my menu plans so I understand how we are trying to achieve our goals. I can hardly wait to get my new menu after three weeks because I know it will be delicious and wholesome. The cardio is challenging but with enough variety to keep it fun. We began posing lessons in April and she was patient to help me learn to walk in 5 inch heels knowing that 2 1/2 inch heels was the tallest I’d ever worn! She taught me my morning and afternoon routines as well as mandatory poses and gladly showed me again and again when I asked her to repeat a pose or movement. Not only does she do all of this so expertly but she also gave me positive affirmations from her questionaire I had filled out. For a long time when reading these I would cry knowing that I was a special, wonderful woman who could achieve the goals I had set. She also offers her clients access to wonderful programs of self and financial development. She recently created the “BBS Crew” that is comprised of her clients all wishing to compete. We meet weekly and share our goals, our triumphs, and reach out to each other when we need support and motivation to continue with these goals when we have cravings, or are stressed or just exhausted but still need to get in our cardio. Thanks to her BBS Crew, I have developed new friendships and support from some amazing women. On May 14, 2011, with all of this assistance from Sandy and my dedication and hard work I was ready to live my goal of stepping on stage and competing in my 1st figure competition. I had lost 19 pounds and my body fat dropped from 22.3% to 13.5%. I lost a total of 12.75 inches overall. It was an exhilarating experience. I competed in Masters and Medium Height classes. I was able to execute my routine, poses and mandatories that she taught me. Even while on stage I could hear Sandy, my champion cheering me on in the audience as well as the ladies of her BBS Crew. I have things I can improve on and hope to compete again on June 18th. My life has changed so much since I began working out to the point that I have decided to pursue a Personal Trainer’s Certification. My favorite quote that describes my life transformation is “The only thing you can change is yourself and sometimes that changes everything.” To those who know me, my life has truly changed since I began working out and even more so since meeting Sandy, she has helped me improve my body, attitude and given me a more positive way of approaching life. Know this, there are no age, weight, or thought limitations to changing your life through healthy living and exercise. Sandy can help you with any aspect of achieving your fitness goals. I am truly honored to be chosen as Sandy’s client of the month!  A big thanks to Sandy of Body By Sandy for believing in me, positive affirmations, nutrition plans, incredible workouts, and posing expertise. What an influence she has been on my life. She is my trainer, coach, cheerleader and friend. Dream, Believe, Achieve! Deb


I’ve always been able to work out and “eat right.” However, I couldn’t seem to reach my ultimate fitness goals. My goals were to compete in a bikini competition, lower my body fat percentage, and to walk on stage with poise and confidence, presenting my best physique. Sandy was able to fine tune my workouts and nutrition plan to what I needed. She helped me reach and exceed my fitness goals. I took 2nd place at the NPC Open for Class B bikini! I lost a total of 10 pounds and 8% in body fat. She was there for me every step of the way and was always willing to answer my many questions. Sandy was encouraging and a great support to me. I feel so empowered that I could take on anything! I plan to go to the USA Nationals end of July. Thank you Love, Heather Savage Super fit mother of 4 boys!


I am 49 years old and have been struggling with my weight and body image since I was a teenager and frankly it has become exhausting. I have literally tried every fad diet that has been marketed in the past 30 years, and while many of them offered quick weight loss results, not one of them made me healthier or stronger, or became a lifestyle that provided lasting change. While I was not necessarily looking for a personal trainer or a nutrition coach when a friend referred me to Sandy, my mindset was that I could not leave any stone unturned when it came to my body issues. I have been training with Sandy for eight months and I have enjoyed our time together immensely! Sandy encouraged me from the beginning to set my goals and reach toward them on a daily basis. One of my goals was to be able to be a testimonial on her website and I am thrilled to say that Sandy has helped me achieve this goal. I have lost 14 pounds and have gone from 28% body fat to 17% body fat. I have strength and definition in my muscles. I am eating whole foods, preparing my foods in a healthier fashion and working out regularly. Sandy tailored my fitness program to meet my individual needs. She customized my nutrition plan to meet my finicky tastes while staying within healthy guidelines. She also supplied me with a home aerobic and weight program that I can use when I am no longer meeting with her. Sandy was always available to answer questions by phone or email and she gave me the accountability and frequent encouragement that I needed as my own worst critic. While I still have a couple of more goals in sight, Sandy has provided me with the tools and mindset that I need to move forward in a healthy and positive fashion. Sandy became more than my mentor, she became a dear friend, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who thinks their goals are unattainable, because she will help you make them a reality.


Sandy, I want to thank you for the opportunity I have had to train and learn from you. I have spent many, many years and countless hours trying to figure out my body’s fitness and nutritional needs. I even thought becoming a certified personal trainer would be the answer to my quest, but it was not until I was able to train and be mentored by you that I was able to hone in on my body and make amazing gains physically, mentally, and spiritually. Your knowledge and willingness to share and teach it to me will always be appreciated and respected. Without your willingness to teach what you know I would still be in a state of frustration and confusion. Through your training programs and nutritional advisement I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I have come to realize that nothing is impossible and the sky is the limit. Thank you Sandy!


I wouldn’t have been able to finally do what I have wanted to do for years without working with Sandy, and that was to compete and step on stage! From the moment I started working with her I was at ease and knew she could take me to the next level. She was there for all my posing, stage presentation, confidence, guidance and even the small stuff i.e., suit color, tan color, and even my jewelry and hair! Thank god she was backstage as well, I would just call her name, and she would just come out of nowhere! I can’t thank Sandy enough for her time, knowledge, and guidance through this process. I now consider Sandy a friend and coach from here on out, whether it be just to maintain a healthy lifestyle or compete again!


Being in my late thirties, I thought it would be difficult to change my body simply because I have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. This on top of dealing with a slow metabolism, feeling tired and sluggish, I knew I had to find a way to change my body without using the typical diet pills, fat burners or even crash dieting. I approached Sandy about personal training, I had a goal. I was planning a trip to China to visit my husband who had been away for several months coaching professional basketball. I wanted to surprise him by showing up being in the best shape I could possibly be in. Our plan after China was to leave on a cruise to the Western Caribbean. I definitely had motivation to work as hard as I could. Sandy provided me with a nutritional plan that I loved! This Combining with her fat burning workout program, I went from 20.3% body fat to 15% body fat and lost a total of 5 inches off waste and hips in only 90 days. When I arrived in China, Scott my husband told me how amazing I looked. Honestly I had never felt better about myself. I definitely felt I became very lean and had the six-pack abs. I was very confident when I put my bikini on for our cruise. I am proof that even with a thyroid condition, with proper diet and balanced workout; you can change your body, and can change your life! I loved working out with Sandy! She is truly an inspiration to train with as she is an excellent example of what many women strive to become! Simply put a great role model and an exceptional caring person. Thanks Sandy I couldn’t have achieved this type of result without your program.