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Wow! I just competed in my 1st figure competition at 50! It wouldn’t have been possible without the expertise, knowledge, and guidance of Sandy. I started working out on February 11th, 2009. I went from 0 to 6 days a week. I’d never worked out consistently before that. In August I had a goal of getting in bikini shape for a cruise and achieved my goals. I had a body fat test done and was told it was within competition range; that planted the seed of competing in a figure competition. I asked around for the best person to train me for this goal and Sandy’s name came up multiple times. I met with Sandy for a consultation and asked her about the possibility of me competing or just working with her to improve my glutes and legs. I told her I had worked with trainers before and was specifically looking for someone who could analyze my body and tell me which muscles needed more development. A month later in December I began weight training with her on-site in her fantastic home gym and following her planned menus and cardio routines. At the end of February I made the decision to train with a figure competition in mind. Working out with Sandy is amazing. She challenges and motivates me beyond my capabilities of working out alone. She is mindful of my age limitations, injuries and abilities, making sure correct form is always at the core when increasing weight and achieving greater flexibility. The menu plans are incredibly healthy and fun introducing me to new ways to combine proteins and carbohydrates. She is always willing to educate me on my menu plans so I understand how we are trying to achieve our goals. I can hardly wait to get my new menu after three weeks because I know it will be delicious and wholesome. The cardio is challenging but with enough variety to keep it fun. We began posing lessons in April and she was patient to help me learn to walk in 5 inch heels knowing that 2 1/2 inch heels was the tallest I’d ever worn! She taught me my morning and afternoon routines as well as mandatory poses and gladly showed me again and again when I asked her to repeat a pose or movement. Not only does she do all of this so expertly but she also gave me positive affirmations from her questionaire I had filled out. For a long time when reading these I would cry knowing that I was a special, wonderful woman who could achieve the goals I had set. She also offers her clients access to wonderful programs of self and financial development. She recently created the “BBS Crew” that is comprised of her clients all wishing to compete. We meet weekly and share our goals, our triumphs, and reach out to each other when we need support and motivation to continue with these goals when we have cravings, or are stressed or just exhausted but still need to get in our cardio. Thanks to her BBS Crew, I have developed new friendships and support from some amazing women. On May 14, 2011, with all of this assistance from Sandy and my dedication and hard work I was ready to live my goal of stepping on stage and competing in my 1st figure competition. I had lost 19 pounds and my body fat dropped from 22.3% to 13.5%. I lost a total of 12.75 inches overall. It was an exhilarating experience. I competed in Masters and Medium Height classes. I was able to execute my routine, poses and mandatories that she taught me. Even while on stage I could hear Sandy, my champion cheering me on in the audience as well as the ladies of her BBS Crew. I have things I can improve on and hope to compete again on June 18th. My life has changed so much since I began working out to the point that I have decided to pursue a Personal Trainer’s Certification. My favorite quote that describes my life transformation is “The only thing you can change is yourself and sometimes that changes everything.” To those who know me, my life has truly changed since I began working out and even more so since meeting Sandy, she has helped me improve my body, attitude and given me a more positive way of approaching life. Know this, there are no age, weight, or thought limitations to changing your life through healthy living and exercise. Sandy can help you with any aspect of achieving your fitness goals. I am truly honored to be chosen as Sandy’s client of the month!  A big thanks to Sandy of Body By Sandy for believing in me, positive affirmations, nutrition plans, incredible workouts, and posing expertise. What an influence she has been on my life. She is my trainer, coach, cheerleader and friend. Dream, Believe, Achieve! Deb