Whole Food Nutrition Plan

Are you eager to turn back the clock on aging? Would you like to find a natural way to look your best without turning to plastic surgery?

Slowing down aging in your body starts with what you eat and drink on a daily basis. If you eat lots of processed low-nutrient foods, and sugar-filled or artificially sweetened beverages, your skin, hair, and nails will reflect these choices. Anti-aging foods will provide you with the all good nutrition you need to slow down the aging process. When you eat real foods with key anti-aging nutrients, you become healthy on the inside which is reflected on the outside by an outer glow of vibrant health that everyone will notice. Organic whole foods which contain the following key nutrients are the best choices for fighting the aging process. 

That’s why you should follow nutrition plan loaded with whole foods that will reverse aging. These foods are all packed with anti-aging properties. If you stick to these foods, not only will you look younger, but you will also be fit. You can follow nutrition plan that is set for a month in order to learn how to incorporate all these healthy foods into your diet. You will need to prep your food once a week for maximum success and make sure to follow each plan for one week. Make sure you have a digital scale to weigh your foods and remember that good and timely organization is the key to success.


Probably the best way to stay energized later in the day is to treat yourself to a super healthy breakfast! This will definitely give you energy, satisfy your appetite, and give you the best possible start of the day. You can start your day with a healthy and light breakfast that will include: 

● 4 egg whites with 1 yolk

● 2 white corn tortillas

● 1/3 avocado

● 2 Tbsp salsa

Lunch – Sandwich

Ah, the lunchbox. Sometimes you may face real challenges when thinking about the midday meal. There’s a high chance you want healthy options that keep you full enough to stay away from the vending machine come mid-afternoon, and won't leave you raiding the pantry a couple of hours later. So, here is an idea for a super healthy lunch that will satisfy your appetite and make you feel good at the same time.

● 2 slices toasted Ezekiel bread

● 3 oz Tuna (rinsed if from a can)

● Lettuce and tomato

● 1 Tbsp mustard


You’ve tried to think of a nutritious dinner plan many times and you always fail to stick to it. But, that’s about to change. So, here is an example of nutritious dinner that is all about making weeknight meals a little easier, without giving up any of the big, bold flavors that make cooking and eating so fun.

● 4 oz fish of your choice

● ¾ cup quinoa or brown rice

● 1 cup chopped sautéed veggies of your choice mixed in with quinoa


What you eat between meals matters more than you think. These choices boost your metabolism and help you lose weight fast. Here are some snack choices you can combine between regular meals.

● ¼ cup almonds

● 25-gram protein shake blended

● with one cup unsweetened almond milk

If you're going to bulk up, lose fat, or stay healthy, you'll also need a goal-specific nutritious plan to get results. With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded in just one month. Make sure to follow this nutritious plan that includes super healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as snacks and the results will speak for themselves!

Ultimately -- 
That is the first secret.

If you make the right choice, you can look forward to a younger, more confident, and happier you


If you’re a fitness addict or even just super motivated to create your dream body, it can be easy to over do it at the gym. Rest days are just as important as the days you train. Not giving your body planned recovery days could turn into fatigue, pain in your muscles and joints, headaches or insomnia, muscle injury, and much more. Overtraining actually works against you and might end up setting you back in the long run. We salute your dive and dedication but being dedicated to having a healthy body and achieving your fitness goals encompasses more than killing yourself at the gym. Recognize and respect the importance of rest + recovery.

Woman doing yoga

Next time you’re mapping out your fitness schedule by yourself or with a trainer make it a priority to schedule rest days as part of the plan. Still not sure? Here are a few reasons why recovery days are an essential part of your fitness journey:

  • Muscle Repair - While working out you’re essentially breaking down muscle tissue. After your workout, your body repairs and replaces damaged muscle fibers through a cellular process where it fuses muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands. Therefore, planning 1-2 days off a week will give your body the recovery it needs for repair. For instance, one way to do this is to break it up during the week by taking Wednesday’s and Sunday’s off. Some like to get their training completed during the week and then taking the weekend off to be with their families. Choose what is best for your lifestyle and schedule. Give your body and muscles a chance to recover and go through the healing process that builds new muscle fibers and ultimately sculpts the body you’re working toward.

  • Meal Prep Time - In today’s fast paced world it’s necessary to plan time to get everything done. Look at your days off as an opportunity to be productive on the food front. Food is just as important, if not more, as the time you put in at the gym, and making sure meals are on point is crucial. Schedule it on your calendar and use your days off to prep your meals in advance. Be prepared no matter what comes at you during the week, you can grab your tupperware and go. You can also use that extra day off to re-evaluate your meal plan all together. What’s working, what’s not? Looking at your nutrients and how your body is being impacted by them is a great way to put your rest day to work to meet your fitness goals.

  • Mental Check-In - Your mind set also plays a huge role in your results and overall experience as you journey your way to your fitness goals. Ever heard of coaches urging their players to “have their head in the game?” well, if you’re not mentally there it’s not going to yield the results you want. Take rest days as the opportunity to seriously check in with yourself spiritually, emotionally, and truthfully. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you need an accountability partner?

Figure out what you need to do for YOU so you can succeed and feel positive about yourself right now and tomorrow. A balanced schedule with days scheduled off will help you focus on the things that will keep you on track while on your training days. 

Foods That Make You Age and Foods That Stop the Aging Process

What you eat affects you for better or worse.

You must have heard that sentence many times. And it really is true! What we eat and how we take care of our body will affect the way we feel and function on a daily basis. Aging is a normal part of the life process, but some foods are actually making you grow old faster. While a few indulgences won’t age you overnight, a continuously poor diet can accelerate the aging process over time. So, here is a list of some foods to consume in moderation in order to look as young as you feel.

1.      Sugar

Sugar is the number one food to avoid if you’re looking to slow down the aging process. Among all other bad things that it does to your body, sugar damages your skin’s collagen, a protein that keeps skin youthful and firm. Sugar as well as artificial sweetener will cause you to crave more sweets. As a result, too many sweets can damage your skin’s collagen, because of its inflammatory response. Unsurprisingly, too much sweet stuff is also bad for your smile. It doesn’t only increase the risk of cavities, but the phosphoric and citric acids in soft drinks, along with the huge amounts of acidic sugar will wear down tooth enamel. 

2.      Charred Meat

Charred meats contain pro-inflammatory hydrocarbons that damage the collagen in your skin.  Research shows AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) absorbed into our bodies and when there’s too many of them, they can cause wrinkles and sagging skin because they damage collagen and elastin, which keep skin looking youthful. 

Charred meat also use up vitamin C, which is central to collagen formation. This, altogether, speeds up the aging process.

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3.      Salt

Your body needs salt but over salting is a big NO if you want to slow down the aging process. It is widely known that prepackaged frozen foods are high in sodium that dehydrates the body and make you retain water, as well as cause so-called puffy look. 

4.      Alcohol

The ultimate dehydrator - alcohol also robs our bodies of B vitamins, as well as vitamins A and C, which are vital for youthful skin and overall health. Excessive alcohol completely exhausts minerals including magnesium and zinc, as well as essential fatty acids, all of which are needed to slow down the onset of premature ageing.

5.      Fried Food

Trans fats and hydrogenated fats are damaged fats that can be found in fast foods as well as deep fried foods. They reduce the fluidity of your cells, burden the liver and add to inflammation, thus resulting in ageing. They also contribute to damaging the collagen in the skin, making it look


On the other hand, foods that contain a rich source of nutrients will significantly slow down the aging process. Commonly called “Nutrient dense” foods are not processed and do not contain artificial or synthetic ingredients. Here are few examples of healthy and nutrient rich foods.

1.     Green vegetables

Green vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli are responsible for keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. They are high in fiber and rich in essential nutrients.

2.      Blueberries and raspberries

They are very rich in antioxidants which have the ability to neutralize free radicals and help prevent cell damage. Antioxidants in blueberries also protect against inflammation, thought to be a leading factor in brain aging, Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative diseases.

3.      Nuts

Being rich in omega fatty acids, nuts are a perfect age fighting food. To add to that, nuts can strengthen your immune system due to their rich mineral count. 

4.      Fish

Fish is a food of excellent nutritional value, providing high quality protein and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A and D, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and iodine in marine fish. It’s rich in fatty acids, which suppresses the discomfort of chronic inflammation. A proper amount of Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish, enhance the feeling of well-being.

While you can’t stop aging, you definitely can, slow it down. The first step toward good health is eating right. What we eat influences how we feel, so make sure to incorporate foods rich in antioxidants and healthy proteins in your diet and start living healthy!

Ultimately -- 
That is the first secret.

If you make the right choice, you can look forward to a younger, more confident, and happier you

4 Cheats To Make Going to the Gym Easier

Getting your butt to the gym isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes the gym feels like it’s all the way in Narnia and getting there is beyond what you have left to give that day. It’s totally understandable… everyone has been there. But rest assured that over time it gets easier. Eventually seeing results becomes an addiction and the gym will be the best part of your day. But, we know that isn’t where people start. Generally most start out at the “the gym sounds far and hard” place. So here are 4 cheats to make going to the gym and working out easier:

Sandy Hancock

1. Affirm: Positive thinking can help you out during your journey. Which is why maintaining a positive attitude through the gains, drops and plateaus is essential. Ways to keep a positive attitude include: Writing down 3 positive affirmations about how you will benefit from your workout. For example, “I can handle any situation better after a good workout”, “I know every time I workout it will get easier”, “If I workout my health will get better and I will have more energy”.

Vision boards are another way to reinforce where you want to be. Support from friends and family will also help. Just remember to be gentle with yourself, we all have bad days. But don’t let the excuses stop your progress. Consistency is what will make the changes. Simply move forward and don’t give up.


2. Reward Yourself: In order to train new behaviors we give our pets treats for a job well done. If you do well at work you get a raise. Good habits are always rewarded; and that makes you want to work harder and keep doing whatever got you the reward in the first place. So, use this age old tactic to build some positive habits of your own. Reward yourself in little ways every day, and in bigger ways every week, and even bigger ways every month. And, eventually it will become a positive habit. If you went to the gym that day give yourself an extra five minutes in the shower, if you went several times that week buy that new dress you had your eye on. And, if you were REALLY good for a year, take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to go on… and look great on the beach!

3. Go With A Friend: Now it’s not just about you anymore. You’ve made a plan, a commitment to another person. That means you can’t back out, bailing isn’t really an option, and excuses are out the window. You wouldn’t want to disappoint a friend, right? Going with a friend creates a sense of accountability that’s beyond you and your desire to skip a workout. It’s about spending time with someone you care about; helping each other be the best version of yourselves you can be!

4. Switch It Up: Here you go again on your own, to the treadmill. Day in and day out. Variety is the spice of life, sister! Switching up your workout or trying something new is a great way to keep yourself motivated and start looking forward to a new workout. To continue to improve you will need to change things up every 4 to 6 weeks. That’s the amount of time the body starts to plateau. Plan on creating a new workout every 4 weeks.