Arm Toning Exercises - Your Guide to Sexier, Toned Arms

Today I want to share my arm toning exercises that will get your the sexy, strong arms we all love. (see video below)

When you see a picture of yourself, do your eyes go right to your arms?

Whether in pictures or in person, “bat wings” are hard to hide, especially if you want to rock a sleeveless top for a fun night out. We all want sexy, toned arms, and this guide will help you get your arms ready for their close up.


Start by sculpting sexier arms in the gym.

If you want killer arms that look great in sleeveless tops, then focus on strength training exercises that develop your muscles and give your arms definition and tone.

While cardio will help you torch serious calories, strength training helps you burn calories even while sitting on the couch and watching Netflix.

Strength training is an absolute MUST if you want to get toned.

The main arm toning exercises you’ll want to focus on are moves that target your biceps and triceps.

Bicep curls and tricep extensions are my go-to exercises, and there are lots of ways to perform these two exercises, depending on what machines or weights you have available.

Remember to move through a full range of motion – squeeze at the top and then go slow on your negatives. This gives you more bang for your buck in these exercises.

Watch My Favorite Arm Toning Exercises.

If you can’t make it to the gym, try bodyweight exercises right in the comfort of your home – or even on the go! Pushups and tricep dips (using a chair) are excellent bodyweight exercises that really make your arm muscles pop. And they don’t’ require any special equipment.

But don’t forget that muscles are born in the kitchen.

There’s just no way around it – your diet is a huge factor in changing your physique. Muscles give you that fabulous toned look, but it’s hard to achieve tone and definition if you have excess body fat. And if you store a lot of fat in your arms (like many women do), that extra fat hides the muscles you’re working so hard for in the gym.

This means you may need to lose some weight first if you want to achieve better results from your arm toning exercises.

Unfortunately, you can’t spot-reduce fat.

So, your goal should be general weight loss. A slimmer body overall can noticeably change the appearance (or disappearance!) of flabby arms.

For muscular definition, make sure you’re eating plenty of protein and focusing on whole foods to get in healthy calories rather than empty ones.

Simply put, if you combine the arm toning exercises I shared with a healthy diet, you’ll have sexier, toned arms in no time.

The countdown to summer is on – and your arms are going to be ready for some fun in the sun!