fitness goals


I love giving during the holidays but I like to support my clients in their goals by giving them things to support the lifestyle they have worked so hard for. Instead of the cookies, chocolates, or other treats take a closer look at some other ideas to support your family and friends to be healthy and fit also. I promise they will truly appreciate you thinking about their Massage:
It’s not considered just an indulgent to get massages anymore. It’s about taking care of yourself and giving your body what it needs to relax or work out those tight muscles. This is a perfect gift for someone who is over-stressed.

Workout Clothes or shoes:
Everyone that workouts at a gym or does outdoor sports need the proper clothing. This is a perfect gift to support someones fitness regimen.

Workout Equipment:
If you know someone that likes to workout at home or isn’t comfortable going to the gym workout equipment is perfect to support their goals. Think exercise balls, hand held weights, bands or yoga mats with a yoga video.

Gym Membership:
Has your loved one always wanted a gym membership. The gym is the perfect place for support, classes, expert advice and learning about nutrition and fitness.

Personal Trainer:
Do you know someone that wants to learn how to weight train to change body composition but doesn’t know where to start. Hiring them a personal trainer to get them started by showing them proper form and techniques would be perfect. Individualized instruction will give them the confidence they need to do it on their own.

Healthy Food Basket:
Giving a basket filled with fresh, delicious fruits is a blessing to so many this season who are tired of being tempted with all the sugary treats. I hope you enjoy and have a happy, healthy holiday!


I am so proud of this amazing women Maryam! She committed to training with me twice a week and also did online training and nutrition so she could learn how to maintain all her hard work on her own.  In a short three months Maryam lost 17 pounds, 14 inches overall and 7.2% body fat. 

When someone is ready to make the commitment to change their health for the better it makes the journey so much easier and a lot more fun.

Ever since I was in high school, I’ve never really had much motivation to work out. I’ve never been very physically fit, but luckily I was able to get by with an average metabolism and an average build. Then after I realized that I was the heaviest I’ve ever been, I decided to join a gym and try and stay in shape. For two years, I worked out by myself and I barely lost a pound, doing just cardio and barely able to curl 5lb dumbbells (no exaggeration!).

Then I found Sandy. Sandy singlehandedly helped me lose over 7% body fat, over 15lbs, getting me to the lowest weight I’d been since I was 16. She helped me with the knowledge of how I should feed my body, and showed me the right way to lift weights.

Maryam before & after_logo.jpg

The amount of muscle I’ve gained since starting with Sandy still amazes me to this day, and as a full time student with a full time job (and a full time social life), I never would have gotten there without her structure, accountability and guidance. It’s not just a workout with Sandy, it’s a lifestyle; and I’m forever grateful that I found a trainer, and more importantly a close friendship, that will last a lifetime. Thanks Sandy and I can’t wait to step on the stage one day soon representing you!!



I can’t express enough how excited I am to have finally competed again after 6 years. I decided to compete in the Emerald Cup since that was the show I wanted to compete in 2005 but never made it. I truly enjoyed this journey of learning and experiencing some new concepts with training and nutrition. My boyfriend Jeff was the best training partner and support for me. He always encouraged me and was so excited for me to get on stage again.

When I arrived in Seattle, WA I felt so excited and ready. I tried some new things with my new nutritionist John Kreklo. He watched over my physique the last three weeks pre-show and dialed me in to peak on show day. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance and encouragement.

My heart was pumping so fast as I entered the stage and walked on for prejudging. I tried to breathe deep to slow my heartbeat but it didn’t work, I was a little shaky but did the best I could. It was a good thing I did a lot of practicing because if I didn’t I would have really fell apart. I was so relieved and excited when I made the first callouts.

I felt so much more relaxed for the evening show and really enjoyed walking the stage. After we all did our walk and comparisons we filed off stage to learn who was top five. As we waited I was praying they would call my number and after calling the first three numbers they called mine and I almost starting crying with excitement. The top five girls walked back on stage for trophy awards. They announced the placing for 5th place, it was someone else, then 4th place they called my name, I was so excited! They brought my trophy and a tiara which all the top 5 girls received. I got my first tiara at 48 years old and I can’t express how great it made me feel. It may sound silly but I think I might sleep with it on my head for the next three months.