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As a women's fitness specialist and owner of Body By Sandy, LLC, there are few core principles I stand by. I know if you can follow these principles and guidelines, your journey will be more successful and rewarding.

Principle #1: Drop the excuses and apply yourself 100% towards your health and fitness goals. This program works for those who read all the material and follow what is given. Give it time and track your progress so you learn about your body.

Principle #2: Be patient with your progress. It takes time to build and sculpt a body, just like anything else you are trying to accomplish. There is no quick fix! Diet pills, crash diets and fad detoxes don't work and never have. A sustainable program is what does work. Be consistent with your clean diet, training, and cardio, and you will have results that will stick for life.

Principle #3: Find excitement in improving your life and health. Transforming on the outside also transforms within, and being healthy and fit feels good. When you feel good about the way you look you will become more confident; you'll have an inner strength that empowers you to Conquer and accomplish anything. Have fun and be excited about self-improvement.


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Module 1 - Getting Started

Module 2 - Mindset Tools

Module 3 - Nutrition Guidelines

Module 4 - Supplements

Module 5 - Cardio Programs

Module 6 - Training Programs

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