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A Healthy Mindset

When we decide it's time to get into shape or lose weight, our first thoughts are to change our lifestyle. For example, start exercising and eating healthy foods.

When we think of working on a healthier overall lifestyle, we usually think ‘body’ before ‘mind’.

However, the truth is “Where the mind goes, the body follows”

When you’re thinking about re-evaluating, transforming and reshaping your life into something better, healthier and stronger, the first area on your journey of self-improvement should be the mind and the brain itself. The brain is the control center of everything that happens within our bodies and lives, so where better to start than the hub of activity itself?


THINK OF YOUR NEW AND HEALTHIER LIFE AS A GRAND TEMPLE. An improved diet, sensible eating habits and dedicated exercise routines all provide the building blocks and bricks that make up the walls and structure. However, training your mind and creating a sense of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is the solid foundation that should be laid out before you attempt anything else. Solidifying your mindset and bringing out an optimistic and resilient state of mind is essential to your long-term success.



Without it, your temple may look beautiful from the outside, but it will not be strong enough to weather storms and take the pressure that life will inevitably place on you.

By training your mind and establishing positive thought patterns, you are creating the best possible conditions for a stronger and brighter future. Your thoughts, dedication, and determination will form the cement that holds you together throughout those testing workout routines. It’s that sense of willpower that will keep you going strong when your snacking cravings are tempting you to back out of your healthy dieting plan. Training your mind and laying out the floor plan for your transformation will set you up for success, happiness, and a true sense of self. It will allow you to connect your body and spirit, bringing forth an elevated sense of well-being and awareness. Your mind is the first stop on your journey to achieving a healthier lifestyle and transforming your life into something that allows you to fulfill your potential.

It all starts In Your Mind! So Let's get started...


Holly Stokes

Meet Holly Stokes of the Brain Trainer. She is a Master NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Coach, Thought Pattern Management, and Hypnotheraphy. She is the owner of Life Harmony Wellness Center in Murray, Utah.

She says :

“You can Retrain Your Brain out of Old Habits, Anxiety, Self Criticism, Cravings, Emotional Loops, Lack of Motivation  and Self Sabotage! Whatever You Want to Achieve - The Answers Are In Your BRAIN!”





What we really need is to change HOW the brain thinks about exercise and fitness. Then, you don’t have to fight yourself to find motivation.

There are specific keys you can use to boost your motivation, get in the mood for a great workout and get yourself into a healthy lifestyle that works for your body.

The next time you are feeling low on motivation, simply listen to this audio. This motivational MP3 audio uses positive imagery, breathing, and focus skills to get you up and moving in no time!

This Hypnosis audio gives your brain new thoughts, feelings and experiences of working with your body, creating a new focus with exercise and even enjoying moving your body and feeling good about you.

It’s easy and only takes 15 minutes!

This Hypnosis audio uses key imagery, representations and thought patterns to ‘train your brain’ into thinking differently, feeling better and enjoying the process of moving your body and finding your healthy lifestyle.

Repetition is the key to help the brain adopt a shift. So use the audio several times, over the course of 2 – 3 weeks, you’ll find new levels of motivation AND Enjoyment for fitness.

Listen when you want to get in the mood for exercise.

As you listen the unconscious mind wires into the motivation that you need to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Discover how easy it can be to create your healthy lifestyle with the added support and focus that Hypnosis can bring you.

Change your mind, change your life!

For more information about Holly or to learn about her programs you can go to her website at: www.thebraintrainerllc.com.