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Step One: Watch Video and print checklist

I want to tell you a funny story.

When I first started training with my first trainer, he made a comment that I will never forget. He said to me one day, “I think your biceps have been surgically removed.” I got embarrassed, never realizing I had such tiny biceps. So, I set out on a mission to do everything I could to build those biceps. What I did was increase my protein intake, change the carbs I was eating by eliminating the “white stuff” from my diet, and then incorporating more vegetables into my diet. I was eating clean, whole foods; training hard; and taking training supplements to guarantee my results. I can now say, I am proud of my biceps :).


Supplements Can Be Confusing

But, they don't have to be...

1. Current harvests are mineral-deficient because commercial agricultural techniques leave the soil less fertile and lacking in essential minerals. We have to make up for this loss through supplementary additions to our daily routine. 

2. Even when foods are shipped over long distances (no matter how fast our transport is), food tends to lose its nutrients and freshness, lagging behind in important B-complex and C vitamins. 

3. Fruits and vegetables are often times genetically bred to enhance production and visual appeal. Sadly, the nutritional value of such food decreases, resulting in great production but less nutritional harvests. In such cases, supplements can fulfill your nutritional needs. 

4. We all have individual needs that are very characteristic of our own bodies. Some people, such as post-menopausal women, tend to require more calcium; expectant mothers need more folic acid. In such cases, diet alone cannot fulfill all nutritional requirements – diet and supplements can. 

5. Our bodies use more energy and require a larger amount of nutrients to thrive in increasing levels of environmental pollution. This happens because our bodies work constantly to detoxify our system to get rid of harmful substances. Multivitamin or training supplements work as antioxidants and keep us enriched and fit to fight off chemical toxins and free radicals in our systems.

For more information on Vitamins & supplements and how they benefit you, read these short Ebooks

I use and recommend the products listed below

Keep in mind this is my recommendation. The 90 Day Total Body Sculpt is designed to get you results with or without supplements if you follow the instructions. Supplements have simply been shown to enhance your progress, they help you gain muscle and tone up, break down fat, support recovery and help improve body composition.  

If you have questions regarding supplements, please ask them inside our Private Facebook Group so everyone benefits, thank you :).