I can’t express enough how excited I am to have finally competed again after 6 years. I decided to compete in the Emerald Cup since that was the show I wanted to compete in 2005 but never made it. I truly enjoyed this journey of learning and experiencing some new concepts with training and nutrition. My boyfriend Jeff was the best training partner and support for me. He always encouraged me and was so excited for me to get on stage again.

When I arrived in Seattle, WA I felt so excited and ready. I tried some new things with my new nutritionist John Kreklo. He watched over my physique the last three weeks pre-show and dialed me in to peak on show day. I can’t thank him enough for his guidance and encouragement.

My heart was pumping so fast as I entered the stage and walked on for prejudging. I tried to breathe deep to slow my heartbeat but it didn’t work, I was a little shaky but did the best I could. It was a good thing I did a lot of practicing because if I didn’t I would have really fell apart. I was so relieved and excited when I made the first callouts.

I felt so much more relaxed for the evening show and really enjoyed walking the stage. After we all did our walk and comparisons we filed off stage to learn who was top five. As we waited I was praying they would call my number and after calling the first three numbers they called mine and I almost starting crying with excitement. The top five girls walked back on stage for trophy awards. They announced the placing for 5th place, it was someone else, then 4th place they called my name, I was so excited! They brought my trophy and a tiara which all the top 5 girls received. I got my first tiara at 48 years old and I can’t express how great it made me feel. It may sound silly but I think I might sleep with it on my head for the next three months.