easier to go to the gym

4 Cheats To Make Going to the Gym Easier

Getting your butt to the gym isn’t always the easiest thing in the world. Sometimes the gym feels like it’s all the way in Narnia and getting there is beyond what you have left to give that day. It’s totally understandable… everyone has been there. But rest assured that over time it gets easier. Eventually seeing results becomes an addiction and the gym will be the best part of your day. But, we know that isn’t where people start. Generally most start out at the “the gym sounds far and hard” place. So here are 4 cheats to make going to the gym and working out easier:

Sandy Hancock

1. Affirm: Positive thinking can help you out during your journey. Which is why maintaining a positive attitude through the gains, drops and plateaus is essential. Ways to keep a positive attitude include: Writing down 3 positive affirmations about how you will benefit from your workout. For example, “I can handle any situation better after a good workout”, “I know every time I workout it will get easier”, “If I workout my health will get better and I will have more energy”.

Vision boards are another way to reinforce where you want to be. Support from friends and family will also help. Just remember to be gentle with yourself, we all have bad days. But don’t let the excuses stop your progress. Consistency is what will make the changes. Simply move forward and don’t give up.


2. Reward Yourself: In order to train new behaviors we give our pets treats for a job well done. If you do well at work you get a raise. Good habits are always rewarded; and that makes you want to work harder and keep doing whatever got you the reward in the first place. So, use this age old tactic to build some positive habits of your own. Reward yourself in little ways every day, and in bigger ways every week, and even bigger ways every month. And, eventually it will become a positive habit. If you went to the gym that day give yourself an extra five minutes in the shower, if you went several times that week buy that new dress you had your eye on. And, if you were REALLY good for a year, take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to go on… and look great on the beach!

3. Go With A Friend: Now it’s not just about you anymore. You’ve made a plan, a commitment to another person. That means you can’t back out, bailing isn’t really an option, and excuses are out the window. You wouldn’t want to disappoint a friend, right? Going with a friend creates a sense of accountability that’s beyond you and your desire to skip a workout. It’s about spending time with someone you care about; helping each other be the best version of yourselves you can be!

4. Switch It Up: Here you go again on your own, to the treadmill. Day in and day out. Variety is the spice of life, sister! Switching up your workout or trying something new is a great way to keep yourself motivated and start looking forward to a new workout. To continue to improve you will need to change things up every 4 to 6 weeks. That’s the amount of time the body starts to plateau. Plan on creating a new workout every 4 weeks.