Today is my favorite day of the week…Monday! I love Monday’s because I’m more focused during the week and I enjoy how my body responds to the structure. I also train legs on Monday’s which is my favorite body part to train. Today I decided to throw in some chest movements to mix things up a bit.

Take a look at my leg, chest, and calf workout:

Machine leg press 5 x 20,15,10,8,8, superset with

Machine Incline Chest press 3 x 15,12,12

Leg extensions 4 x 15,12,10,8, superset with

Weighted walking lunges with pushups using 22 lb d-bells. 10 walking lunges, stop 10 push-up with hands on d-bells on floor. 10 more walking lunges, finishing off with 10 more push-ups.

Giant set:

Leg curls 3 x 15,12,12

Machine flies 3 x 15,12,12

Weighted straight leg dead lifts with 22.5 lbs. d-bells 3 x 15

Sitting calf raises 3 x 15 with 10 bounces on top of last rep

Incline calf raises 3 x 15 with 10 bounces on top of last rep

For beginners only do 1-2 sets of each exercise, intermediate do 2-3 sets and advanced do 3-4 sets of each exercise. If you are a beginner always check with your doctor before starting any new training program.