To date, I have entered and competed in three NPC Figure Competitions. Since blogging about the 2012 Emerald Cup, which I placed 2nd over 50, I have competed in the two others. Greater Gulf States was held in June and I felt my physique looked better than at the Emerald Cup. I worked hard to get my body fat down lower and I did manage to reach 10.4%. My backside looked much better at this lower body fat percentage and I must say, I literally worked my butt off during this time. I enjoyed seeing many of my fellow “Oddo Angels” and enjoyed the two days of competition and friends. I placed 4th in over 45, 6th in over 35, and 6th in the Open Class.
In June, I competed at Master’s Nationals. Since I didn’t know for sure if I would compete again after this show, I truly tried to enjoy every bit of my journey. To prepare, I worked my butt off in the gym doing cardio every day and extra leg training to make my glutes look their best. Sometimes being 50 can literally be a pain in the butt!! It was such a joy to be around my team of friends at Master’s Nationals. They are such beautiful, kind, giving ladies. I feel my physique looked it’s best and was happy with how hard I worked and knew I did all I could do to be ready. I placed 7th out of 19 in over 45. I truly enjoyed this journey and I’m so blessed to be able to do what I love.
I would like to thank my makeup artist Elaine Goodlad for making me look beautiful on stage. I would also like to thank my coach Kim Oddo for all his support and the Oddo Angels for making it so much fun backstage.