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Sometime it’s not always about losing weight, and that was the case with Brooke. She was so thin and was always dieting to stay skinny for her modeling career. 

That changed when she wanted to step on stage. I worked to change her whole mindset that the right foods and training will shape and build beautiful toned muscles. She put in the work and the results she got made her look like a fitness model instead of just a skinny runway model. She now has a more overall healthy look.

Her before and after pictures show how thin she was for her first show and then we continued to build and tone with food and training so she could win her bikini competitions. Finally after being dedicated for 2 full years she finally took overall and won her NGA Pro Card.

Brooke has always been such and great client. She was open to learning about her body, learning different ways of training and manipulating her body, but more important being open to learning different food strategies.

I’m so excited about Brooke’s future with competition and more important that she know how important a healthy nutrition and training program really is.


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Before I started working with Sandy I never lifted weights.  I thought lifting would make me big, bulky, and masculine. I wanted to be toned, tight, and shapely. Unbeknownst to me, I was going about it totally wrong. That is when Sandy stepped in. She encouraged me to implement lifting into my routine and am so glad that I did. My body got leaner, my legs, and butt filled in in all of the right places and I finally started to see the body I have always dreamed of.

When I started working with Sandy my entire outlook towards nutrition and fitness changed. She taught me that food was my friend, and crucial to achieving my goals. Workouts became fun and no longer a chore, but a chance to challenge myself and change my body. 

I started training with Sandy back in 2013 after signing up for my first fitness competition and I have never looked back. Since then I have competed in 4 more additional shows, earned my NGA Pro card, and completely changed my body for the better. 

Sandy is an excellent trainer. She is attentive, knowledgable, but most importantly just a good person. I am glad to not only call Sandy Hancock my trainer, but also my friend. 

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