Minimizing the Effects of Aging

It’s true that when it comes to age, we can’t stop the numbers from adding up. But age is more than just a number. Age is how our bodies and minds respond to the passing of time. Fortunately through research, they have found ways to slow down the process of aging and optimize youthfulness.

The process of un-aging is simple if we follow the do’s and avoid the don’ts. If we are determined to lead a better life through maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we also have to maintain a positive outlook.

The Do’s of Un-aging:
 Do limit sweets.
 Do eat more vegetables.
 Do take time off or breaks.
 Do have sex.
 Do take the recommended daily dosage of Vitamin D3.


Limit Sweets
Let’s be truthful and say that we all know that excess sugar is harmful. Why exactly? Research shows that excess sugar counteracts essential proteins in our bodies. The buildup of abnormal proteins contributes to wrinkles and energy loss. Therefore, excess sugar can make us look and feel old, which is what most of us want to avoid.

Eat more vegetables
Vegetables are 95% water and contain phytonutrients and Vitamin C. The effects of which are unlike excess sugar, in fact quite the opposite, these help hydrate cells and reduce wrinkles. Phytonutrients guard against premature aging by preventing cell damage from stress and environmental toxins. Integrating more greens into your diet can do a lot of good as it can protect your bones, prevent
bloating, and reduce stress.

Take time off or breaks
Time off or taking breaks during the day are a means of reducing stress. High stress levels affects our health by making it difficult to lose body fat and makes us look and feel older. Make sure it's on your schedule to take a 20 minute nap, meditate or take a long bubble bath. If you don't plan it, it won't happen.

Have Sex
Studies suggest that those who orgasm at least twice a week live longer than anyone else. Sex gives you a Zen feeling that you otherwise cannot find throughout your day. Making love releases a variety of stress-relieving hormones similar to a workout.

Make sure to have the recommended amount of Vitamin D3. Studies show that women who have higher levels of Vitamin D have longer telomeres. These are protective caps at the end of your chromosomes, and are considered an excellent marker for aging. So the longer the telomeres, the younger the cells are.

By following the above suggestions, it is easy to determine the don’ts. The process of un-aging requires having balance in vital elements of your body. Namely,
 Your brain
 Hormone levels
 Body fat

Brain Exercises
Research shows that using your brain keeps your synapses firing. Synapses are tiny gaps across which a nerve cell can send an impulse to another nerve cell. When all synapses are firing, you become more focused and your mind feels electric. Challenge your mind by increasing brain activity. Challenge your mind by paying close attention to your reading list or learn new things.

Hormone levels
Hormones are chemical messengers that keep your body working properly. They regulate your metabolism, sexual reproduction, and immune function. Hormone levels decline as we age and manifest symptoms such as: feelings of sluggishness and fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, depression, and decreased sex drive. Keep your hormone levels in check by getting regular checkups and your blood workup done by a bio-identical hormone doctor. Remember that the quality of our life does not have to decline as we age. Checking your hormones regularly will help you feel energetic and excited about life again.

Body Fat
The average woman is expected to have a body fat range of 17% and 24% to be considered healthy. A weighing scale does not determine one’s body fat, though there are effective means to do so. These are: Dexa scan. Bod Pod, Hydrostatic, Plethysmography, Calipers. It is important that we measure body fat because it is the most accurate means to determine how healthy you are. Those who are high
in body fat are at risk for high blood pressure, cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases.

The secret to un-aging is not a miracle drug or a machine that takes you back in time, where you can undo what the passing years have done to your body and mind.

The fourth secret is to minimize the effects of un-aging by following tips and lessons learned from years of research and work done by professionals in the field of health and fitness. The path to a youthful and healthy future is achievable. Always maintain a positive outlook and know that by following the guidelines set, you can look forward to a youthful and better you.