I’m often asked, “How do I handle parties, holidays, dates, business meetings, and the break room” It’s true that many of these occasions add tremendous temptation. So, here are my tips:

Group Party.jpg
  • Eat before you go to a party and decide in advance what you will or you won’t eat. Almost all parties have a raw vegetable tray and ice water. Arriving full will help avoid any last-second justifications.

  • Host the party yourself! That way you have more control of the menu and can easily create healthy options both you and your guests can enjoy.

  • Keep a glass of water in your hand as you socialize. And, socialize far away from the food table.

  • If clients or vendors suggest going to lunch, simply decline and welcome them to your office for the business discussion at a non-mealtime.

  • For business meetings you can’t avoid, bring your own meal. Few will even notice.

  • For dates, suggest a healthy restaurant in advance and study the menu online before you arrive. Also, don’t be afraid to order exactly what you want, even if it’s not listed. For example, say I’d like grilled chicken with steamed vegetables and no butter. Most restaurants will gladly accommodate.

  • For Girls’ Night Out, suggest an activity such as pedicures, a movie, a play, a hike, or shopping at your favorite mall. You’ll be glad you did!

  • As for the break room, just stay away. Keep your food in your own mini refrigerator or at your desk. It’s not super classy to be rummaging through leftovers anyway.

  • Often holidays are centered on food. First, don’t let yourself indulge days before and days after the actual holiday. This can easily turn into a month of sabotage. On the actual day, plan ahead what you will eat and what you will not. Plan to do a little extra cardio on the day before or after. And, most of all, remind yourself that it is just a couple of hours. Staying on track for a holiday might seem difficult, but if you make up your mind it’s totally possible.

  • Reward yourself for staying on your nutrition plan with a new nail polish, a book you’ve wanted to read, new earrings, etc.

Remember that accomplishing your goal will feel and taste better than falling off track at any party. You are in control. You don’t have to make excuses or explain yourself. You’re simply choosing to be healthy, feel good, and look good. Others will quickly be inspired by your example.

Ultimately -- 
That is the first secret.

If you make the right choice, you can look forward to a younger, more confident, and happier you