You know the kind of people who always seem to have boundless amounts of energy? Those who glow with vivaciousness? Those kinds of people have a few behavior habits in common that help them stay on top of their energetic game. It can be easy to assume they were born that way, and some were, but others have to work for high energy levels; for that beautiful breezy blush. Here are the secrets to putting an extra spring in your step (or another rep in your set!)

  1. Drink Your Water - Our bodies are made up of 55% water (or more based on gender) which is why it’s essential to hydrate. Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions. And, one of those bodily functions is how energetic you look and feel. Some tricks to drink more water include: carry a gallon of water with you wherever you go. Invest in one of those fancy water bottles that automatically monitors how much you’ve had to drink that day. Find a water bottle with a motivational saying on it and bring it with you wherever you go.

  2. Eat Regular Meals - Skipping a meal means not fueling your body to perform at optimum energy levels. Additionally, it slows down your metabolism which encourages your body to gain extra weight. Some tricks to make every meal include: taking your food with you in tupperware wherever you go.

  3. Get Enough Sleep - Falling short on your sleep goals spells exhaustion, mind fog, and more the next day. Being vivacious isn’t easy if you’re continually running off of only a few hours of sleep a night. Give yourself a bedtime and stick to it with regularity to feel more energized on the daily. Tips to get more sleep include: setting an alarm on your phone for bedtime and having a rule no TV or computer pasted 9:00pm.

  4. Stay Positive - Laughter is the best medicine! No, really, it creates national endorphins that help your mood. But, we can’t be laughing all the time, and life can throw some serious curve balls. Learning how to keep our head above water is a wonderful life skill to hone. So to keep up with a positive attitude here are a few tips: write down positive affirmations, spend time with positive people, laugh more, and listen to positive music.

  5. They set realistic expectations with themselves and others - You’re going to feel totally drained if you’re continually trying to meet expectations that are above your capabilities or that you plain just don’t want to. Or, that aren’t fair to you that others have demanded. Say “no” to unrealistic expectations and “yes” to your own health. Say “yes” to giving yourself permission for stillness that empowers your soul.