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Sandy clearly knows her stuff!

The Un-Aging Process” is much more than a guide on losing weight. These strategies have helped me become lean, fit and strong by maintaining a balance between proper nutrition, exercise and healthy habits. I especially relate to the section on reverse dieting. Sandy clearly knows her stuff. Her methods are simple, practical and essential for improving your lifestyle and reaching your fitness goals.
— Valynn

I highly recommend it!

The Un-Aging Process” is such a great tool to have. I use it as my fitness bible when I need to stay on track and remember the right way to treat my body. It is simplistic and easy to read, but with so much helpful knowledge and advice for anyone trying to learn as much about fitness as they can. It is just as useful for anyone wanting to compete as it is for an everyday woman trying to get fit like myself. I highly recommend it!
— Lara

Helped me understand why I was wrong or misguided...

“I had several misconceptions about cardio, fat burning, protein, etc. The information in this book really helped me understand why I was wrong or misguided especially when I have seen and read other trainers giving out bad information. The book lists several foods that are great to eat and how not properly dealing with everyday stress can wreak havoc on your hormones and thus your body. This is a great read especially for people who have no idea where to start when wanting to change their eating habits and lifestyle.
— Nicki

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