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Sandy Hancock

Would You Like to slow down the aging process?

I Have the

9 Simple Secrets YOU need to Staying Young,

Fit, and Beautiful....


by Sandy Hancock

>Increase your energy and sex drive

>Full body at home workout

>Food Plan Proven to Lower body fat

>5 easy tips you can start today that minimize the effects of aging

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Sandy clearly knows her stuff!

The Un-Aging Process” is much more than a guide on losing weight. These strategies have helped me become lean, fit and strong by maintaining a balance between proper nutrition, exercise and healthy habits. I especially relate to the section on reverse dieting. Sandy clearly knows her stuff. Her methods are simple, practical and essential for improving your lifestyle and reaching your fitness goals.
— Valynn

I highly recommend it!

The Un-Aging Process” is such a great tool to have. I use it as my fitness bible when I need to stay on track and remember the right way to treat my body. It is simplistic and easy to read, but with so much helpful knowledge and advice for anyone trying to learn as much about fitness as they can. It is just as useful for anyone wanting to compete as it is for an everyday woman trying to get fit like myself. I highly recommend it!
— Lara

Helped me understand why I was wrong or misguided...

“I had several misconceptions about cardio, fat burning, protein, etc. The information in this book really helped me understand why I was wrong or misguided especially when I have seen and read other trainers giving out bad information. The book lists several foods that are great to eat and how not properly dealing with everyday stress can wreak havoc on your hormones and thus your body. This is a great read especially for people who have no idea where to start when wanting to change their eating habits and lifestyle.
— Nicki

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Inspired me to get off the couch!

Quick and easy read. Sandy brought up points that I haven’t really thought about, like the hormone section. It was very beneficial considering I’m 39. “The Un-Aging Process” ebook inspired me to get off the couch, and put on my workout shoes.
— Sheri

I love the way I look!

After reading The Un-Aging Process, I realized these were all the tools Sandy taught me while she was training me. The 9 easy steps she recommends in her book helped me lose 63 lbs, 30.5 inches, and 16.2% body fat. She helped me stay on track and had me eating food and doing workouts that boosted my metabolism so I could lose body fat. I love the way I look!
— Kim

My go-to resource for fitness and health!

“The Un-Aging Process”, is my go-to resource for explaining the importance of health and nutrition and finding balance through individual daily choices in diet, activities and rest. The book gracefully guides the reader through secrets of exercise and proper food choices and emphasizes the importance of recognizing stressors that can sabotage our goals to a healthy life.
— Cathy


Body By Sandy

My name is Sandy Hancock and I’m a single mother of two amazing boys. I was raised on a farm where I learned how to work hard and care for our many farm animals. I also learned the importance of eating homegrown fresh fruits, vegetables and organic meats. Living on a farm kept me active and fit, however, I had the added blessing of a father who was an accomplished gymnast. His guidance along with my mother’s emphasis on the importance of eating wholesome foods gave me a strong foundation for the work I now enjoy. I have always enjoyed being active, but I never really discovered a passion for it until I entered my first figure competition at the age of 39.

Actively pursuing my fitness journey and competing for 10 years taught me discipline, how to make goals, and how to overcome excuses and lack of support from others. This, complicated by a divorce, left me single, taking care of my two small boys and supporting myself. This journey made me stronger and gave me some serious insight, knowledge and self-awareness. 

Fast-forward a few years where after working several desk jobs for others, I made the tough decision to follow my destiny and work for myself. The decision was scary, being a single mother, but I knew I could determine my own success, training others in health, fitness, and body sculpting. Now, having 15 years of hands-on experience, education, and working with 1000’s of women, I have a solid understanding of proper training, nutrition, and creating a positive lifestyle. 

My primary focus is helping women. I have dialed into what works, what doesn’t, and why some struggle with change and why others don’t. I take the guesswork out of the confusion regarding body sculpting and eating correctly. I will give you straightforward advice that will help you make positive changes and improvements with less effort. That’s why I wrote the 8 Secrets to Metabolism and Hormone Balance. 

Let yourself dream of a better body, a better life, and a better you. Stop the excuses and let me be the facilitator of your dreams!

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The Un-aging Process



Sandy Hancock