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  • Initial assessment, measurements and body fat and 
  • Private weight training in my beautiful home gym studio 3 times per week where I can give you personalized attention. 
  • Flexibility training that will catapult your body's ability to build muscle. Stretches that lengthens muscle, increases your range of motion and helps to prevent injury
  • Nutritional Coaching 
  • Cardio fitness training that will teach long-term habits to keep your body fat in check
  • Body-composition testing every 3 weeks to ensure proper progress
  • Photo assessment every 3 weeks to ensure proper progress
  • Coaching on stress management and personal growth in relationship to your fitness goals
  • BONUS - Mind Set and Progress Tracking Tools:
    • Intake Form going in detail about your fitness goals
    • I will design your affirmations depending on your fitness goals. You will become more mindful, confident, proactive, and motivated to achieve your goals
    • Daily tracking progress cards to help hold you accountable
  • BONUS - SOS Support calls for those challenging moments where you need extra support
  • BONUS - Access to the Fit & Ageless Online Exercise Video Library
  • This program is for someone who might be a beginner or wants to learn more about proper form and technique. Someone who hates going to the gym because you secretly feel intimated, or you don't know how to use those machines. You keep putting it off to "someday". This program is exclusively for you!

To apply for the Platinum Program please fill out t he online questionnaire.

6 monthly installments of $1045/month

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