Have you ever considered how many dreams you would actually accomplish if you didn’t let fear hold you back? Fear, and his friends “excuses, yeah, buts, blame, shame, delay, procrastination” are all mental conversations that get in the way.

Recently, Laila Ali, daughter of the late Muhammad Ali, gave the following response to the question:

Are there any lessons you’ve learned in the ring that apply to everyday life?

Lalia Ali.jpeg

I just think that, no matter what you’re doing in life, you’ve got to be realistic in assessing how much time and energy and focus it’s going to take. You’ve got to decide if you really want it bad enough. Once you know it’s something that you really want, then you’ve got to be 100 percent committed, and stick with it through the good and the bad times. My confidence comes from preparation. I just believe in preparing yourself; then when the opportunity arises, you’ll be ready.

Cox, Craig, Experience Life magazine, “A Legacy of her Own.” pp 18-20

Often, my clients know exactly what they want. But, they don’t know how to get there. They are incredibly motivated and they have ample determination. But, they don’t realize how much commitment is hinged on preparation. Each day you make thousands of decisions: when you will get up, what you will wear, if you’ll make your bed, fill up your water bottle, or pack your gym bag. Hundreds of these decisions are related to your health. If you’re not prepared, you may simply fall short of your potential.

However, wonder if you set yourself up for success? What if you focused on positive thoughts, organized your day to manage your goals, and made it possible to keep your promises to yourself?

Prepare your Meals in Advance

I can’t stress this enough. Those who plan, prepare, and package all seven days of meals in advance simply eliminate multiple chances for error. It’s there. It’s ready to go. The decision has been made. And, you have the ease of eating exactly what you should be.

Schedule Your Exercise

We’ve all been there. We hit snooze. We sleep in. We convince ourselves we’ll go to the gym after work. Our 4 o-clock meeting goes late, traffic is bad, and suddenly it’s 6 o-clock and there’s no time to work out. The solution: Schedule you’re workout and stick to it. Look at your week and schedule your workout like it’s your most important client. If there is any chance you won’t make it in the evening, don’t risk it! Exercise in the morning.

Cut out the Temptations

This means cleaning out your refrigerator and your pantry. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it right? But take a good, detailed look of your life and see what other temptations get in the way. Drive home a different way from work if fast-food tempts you. Don’t go to lunch with a friend who will convince you to
“have a little” dessert. If you like to eat when you watch TV, pick another activity like going to the library to read a book or prepare a television snack that fits in your meal plan.

The opportunity is this? if you set yourself up for success, you will succeed! So, stage you’re life accordingly. If it’s prepared, ready-to-go, and you’re mentally committed, you’ll automatically make it happen. Success will be yours!