As the highly-recognized trademark of Nike shoe company, “JUST DO IT” revolutionized the athletic shoe industry. Coined in 1988, the “JUST DO IT”campaign seemed to capture the athletic philosophy of grit, determination and passion. And, it increased Nike share of the domestic sport-shoe business from 18% to 43%.

The great success of this marketing campaign can be attributed to its solid, impactful message, one that rings true to any successful athlete. Behind every winning moment are sore muscles, early alarm clocks, and hours of training. Most of these hours are mundane, routine, and tiring. But, any winner looks beyond the moment to the goal.

Inexperience may trick beginning athletes into thinking women who have achieved their goal figure are lucky, motivated, or naturally good at working out. But, here’s a secret. There are days when all of us have that conversation in our heads that discourages us from going to the gym. “Just once won’t matter.” “I’ll start again tomorrow.” “I’m not in a good mood, I won’t work out effectively anyway.” “I’ll do a few push-ups at home and that will count.”

When I get a case of the excuses, I simply tell myself the following

If I don’t exercise, I’ll be disappointed in myself.

When I’m disappointed, I overeat.

When I overeat, I feel fat.

When I feel fat, I become depressed.

So, just go to the gym Sandy. It is 45 minutes of your life. Easy Fix.

Fill in your own words. I’m sure you’ve had the conversation thousands of times. You know what your triggers are. You know what your excuses are. And, you know how great you’ll feel if you get moving.