When Annie Kundis walked into my office for her consultation I had no idea how determined and focused she would be to make her dream come true of competing in a bikini competition. She started out at 133 lbs and 21.2% body fat and after three months of following her training and nutrition program she lost 10 lbs, 5.7% body fat and 11.75 inches. However, when it came to her first group posing clinic she called and cancelled because she was so scared, but out of determination she made it to the next one. I was so happy she willed herself to come because I know it would help her get comfortable standing next to the other girls. Well, she looked absolutely terrified in the line-up. I thought there would be no way she would be ready. She said she would practice as much as possible. She came again to the final group posing session wearing her new bikini competition suit and I couldn’t believe how everything came together. I was so proud of her, she looked gorgeous from top to bottom and I could tell she did a lot of practicing!!

Come show-time I watched her on stage during pre-judging and she looking stunning. It was hard to take my eyes off her because of her poise and beauty. I hoped that the judges saw what I saw. That night at finals after the girls did their walk they called out the top three finals and I was ecstatic when they called her name. As they called 3rd place and 2nd place I didn’t hear her name and that meant the judges saw what I saw that morning. I was so happy to see the surprise in her eyes because she didn’t expect it at all.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Annie and watching her transformation from beginning to show- time.