When it’s dark and gray outside, it can be easy to feel mild depression, a lack of motivation, and low energy. But, there are three top ways to beat the winter blues.


The fastest way to release “feel good” endorphins is to exercise! I recommend working out in the morning because it starts your day with the positive energy you need. Not only is exercise a critical key to your fitness goals, it’s a great stress relief. Think it’s “too cold and dark” when the alarm clock goes off? Consider this – it’s also dark and cold at night. Get it in the morning and you’ll not only start your day off right, you’ll also be well on your way when warm weather arrives.

Eat a Healthy Diet:

Nothing zaps your energy, adds to mood swings, and leaves you depressed like a day full of refined sugars and processed carbohydrates. If you follow the meal plans I provide for you, you’ll keep your blood sugar stable and your energy levels high. And nothing is more comforting that a morning bowl of warm oatmeal, a healthy soup packed with vegetables, or an evening tea.

Stay Strong:

Spring is just a few weeks away and if you follow your nutrition and workout plans each day, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll see progress. Use your personal affirmations to congratulate yourself. You can do it! You’re strong! And, right now is your opportunity to stay ahead.

Remember, winners workout rain, shine or snow”
now is your opportunity to prove yourself. Your own determination and commitment to your goals will get you there.

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