I can’t believe this year is over! Wow, it has been a great year and there are so many great adventures to look back on. I feel so blessed for my health and the ability to do all that I have done. I am thankful every day that I can go to the gym to do what I love most; train my clients, weight train, and read while doing my cardio on the StepMill. I turned 50 this year and I feel great and will continue to improve my health through exercise.

My biggest goal this year was to compete in the NPC Figure Division and I did. I not only competed once but four times. It takes so much dedication doing these competitions and there is no room for excuses for not going to the gym or sticking to a healthy meal plan. I love the focus and drive it takes to push myself to new levels. I love proving to myself that I can do this at my age and still place. Here are a list of my placings:

June – NPC Greater Gulf States – Placed 2nd in 45 & over, 3rd in 35 & over and 4th in Open (all ages)
July – NPC Team Universe – Placed 11th in 45 & over and 7th in 35 & over
July – NPC Master Nationals – Placed 10th in 45 & over
Nov – NPC Sacramento – Placed 2nd in 45 & over and 5th in 35 & over.

This year I also completed continued education in both my personal training certifications with NASM and AFAA. Seriously, it was so difficult to find time to study and fit these into my schedule. I enjoyed learning of new ways to help my clients, but I was so happy when these were completed and out of the way so I could put my focus on other business. My continued education was in Weight Management, Cardio Training for Fitness, Group Resistance Training and Training for Bone Health.

This year I started two support groups for my clients. One for my bikini and figure competitors called the “BBS Crew”, which has helped so many of you through the ups and downs of learning about what it takes to get on stage while providing the support of a group of women who understand what you are going through to help you with your goals. The second support group was developed out of the need of getting through the holidays without adding any additional weight. This group was called “The Holiday Fitness Challenge.” This challenge had an incentive of winning a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place prize for losing the most weight. This was mostly for the non-competitor. It has been fun for everyone to make new friends, learn from each other and have the support of each other while learning new ways to get through the holidays.

2012 will bring more excitement with new goals and fun things to do. A few of my goals are to compete in 2 to 3 figure competitions and continue to offer support groups for my clients.