Team Universe is my second competition of the year and there were over 500 competitors. My first show was Greater Gulf States and I placed in all three divisions. Team Universe was a different story with so many beautiful ladies with amazing, tight physiques. Even though I had a great time I didn’t place top 5 in my divisions. I do need to tell you how happy and grateful I am to be able to do what I love by following my dreams of health and fitness. The dedication of training every day, doing cardio, and planning all my meals takes focus and deep desire. I enjoy showing women at my age of 49 you can still be beautiful, healthy and fit.
I feel so lucky to be a part of Kim Oddo’s team. His support and guidance helped me stay focused and I have made so many new Angel friends. One of my favorite IFBB Pro’s is Elaine Goodlad. She does makeup for the competitors now and I was lucky to have her do my makeup for the show. She is amazing, beautiful and sweet! It was so fun getting to know her while she did my makeup.

My next competition is Master Nationals in two weeks and hopefully I will do better as I continue to work hard in the gym sculpting my physique so I can bring a better package to the stage. So I continue to eat foods that support what I am doing in the gym, making me lean with full muscles for the figure division. I know one thing for sure I will continue to compete and follow my dreams.