It’s Easter Sunday and spring has officially arrived! Three short months ago many of you made New Year’s goals to eat healthier and exercise more. How far have you come? Are you still on track? If not, recognize the lesson and see the possibility. Twelve weeks from now will be Independence Day and summer will be in full swing. Can you imagine what you will look like and feel like if you have been successful in achieving your goals? Time passes quickly and the only thing standing between you and the amazing body you’ve always wanted is 12 short weeks.

Now that you’ve gained some momentum, begin to recognize things that are holding you back, blocking the way, or otherwise slowing your progress. It might be time for some “spring cleaning.” Literally clean out your pantry and refrigerator and throw away anything that’s not on your meal plan and/or causes temptation. It’s not worth the risk. Plus, an organized kitchen is refreshing!

Pack your “picnic” wherever you go.  Make sure you’re prepared by taking one to two meals with you. A small cooler is ideal for the car or the office. Being prepared helps limit unhealthy choices, unplanned detours, or other potential road hazards throughout your day.

Enjoy the spring sunshine! If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to begin a morning exercise routine. The sun rises earlier and morning rays have dissolved the winter chill. Studies show morning exercisers are more likely to still be exercising one year later, have more energy throughout the day, and better overall moods.* If you’re schedule doesn’t allow for a morning sweat, that’s okay. Just make sure you work out consistently.

Fill your soul and your spirit with new growth. Buy some flowers next time you’re at the market; take an extra morning or evening walk. Breathe deep. And recognize that “breaking ground” might be the most tenuous part of your journey. Now’s the time to see lots of growth and progress!