Have you ever noticed ladies who seem to have it all? They seem to find a hidden balance that keeps them healthy, energetic, and positive. Remember– the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it! But, there are some common golden nuggets these women share.

Power of Positive Thinking

The first secret of a lucky lady is they believe in their own dreams. They map out their own rainbow, if you will. So, when life’s rain clouds damper their dreams, they quickly see it as a positive. They understand that anything worthwhile involves effort, so challenges motivate them rather than discourage them. How do you implement powerful thinking? There’s many magical tools: vision boards, affirmations, goal lists, post-its, reward lists, etc.


The second secret of a lucky lady is they plan ahead. Preparedness is the key to success with work, school, and family. Plan and prepare your meals for the whole week. Never leave home without your water bottle and at least one meal more than you think you’ll need. Schedule your workout. Put your gym shoes in the back seat. Look at menus in advance. Post motivational reminders on your mirror, phone, computer screens, and dashboards. Being one step ahead helps you smoothly navigate any bumpy roads. To the outside world, you’ll look like you simply have it all together. And, you do!


The third secret of a lucky lady is they see mistakes as missing the mark rather than failing to reach their goals. This empowers them to try again, gain distance, polish their position, and accurately hit the mark. No one wins gold on their first try. But those who do find their treasure never land on it by chance. They stay focused on their goal and pay the price to achieve it.

Magic “Potion”

The fourth secret: lucky ladies have charm. They aren’t afraid to enjoy the journey by looking nice along the way. They say “please” and “thank you.” They make their bed in the morning. They use a little sparkle in the form of lip gloss, nail polish, or perfume. The little details equate to self-esteem, confidence, and poise. That makes them attractive to others and to opportunities.