The average woman juggles hundreds of tasks every day. And, we’re super good at it! Many women I train are excellent at their jobs, caring mothers and sisters, active volunteers in the community and they’re pretty good at smiling throughout the entire process.

With so much to do, it can seem hard to focus on yourself and keep perspective on your goals. By the end of the day, you may be overwhelmed and tempted to give up. One simple way to keep track of your goals is to check the boxes on my Body by Sandy’s “pink cards”. It’s fun, convenient, and helps you stay on track. Plus, the best part if you keep your goals for the week you earn a reward!

Though sometimes it’s nice to save up for milestone goals, it’s also a good idea to give yourself a weekly prize for your good work and commitment. Weeks turn into months, and before you know it, you’re well on your way to accomplishing your goals.

Weekly rewards don’t have to cost a lot! Below are some of my favorite weekly rewards, all less than $10.

  • Bath & Body Works lotion

  • Bubble bath or bath salts

  • Book (check out from library), visit a used book store or find a deal on Amazon

  • New yoga video

  • New bright nail polish

  • Sparkly lip gloss

  • Rent that movie you’ve been wanting to see

  • Buy flowers (or seeds and plant them)

  • Yoga block

  • Frame your favorite inspirational quote

  • Earrings or a bracelet

  • New fuzzy socks

  • New pajama pants or tank top

  • Treat yourself to a home facial

  • Buy a new fun flavor of sugar-free gum

  • A fitness, home, or self-improvement magazine

  • Upload 10 songs from iTunes, think upbeat for workouts or calming for relaxation

  • A lovely smelling candle

  • Supplies for your favorite hobby like scrapbooking, knitting, painting, etc.

I keep a running list of things I’d like. That way I have a lot of good ideas to choose from that are really exciting for me! This keeps me motivated and focused on my goals.

Comment below and add your favorite reward ideas!