Congratulations to my client Veronica Malloy for her overall figure win at the 2011 NPC Utah Nutrimart Classic on October 8, 2011. Veronica worked so hard to be an example to her daughter, showing her how to make a goal and stick to it. It was such a pleasure to watch Veronica’s focus and drive to be her best on stage. It has been four years since she competed here in Utah taking home a 4th place trophy; she was determined to do better. Two weeks earlier at the 2011 NGA Utah Natural Northern States she took home a 3rd place trophy in her class. After looking at the pictures and re-accessing her nutrition, water and posing she came to the NPC very prepared and determined.

At prejudging I watched her on stage and I couldn’t believe how conditioned she was compared to the competition two weeks earlier. Her posing was beautiful and she presented herself with poise and confidence. I was so proud of her, but there was some tough competition she needed to beat. That night at finals I didn’t know which way the judging would go and as they started calling out 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd it was so exciting to see Veronica taking 1st place in her class. She came off stage crying with excitement and I was so excited for her knowing how hard she worked and how much she wanted it. She gave me the biggest hug of joy! I told her to stop crying since she needs to go back on stage for the overall figure judging. Wow! All the girls looked amazing and it was so wonderful to hear her name called for the overall winner. Again, congratulations Veronica!