This was my fourth competition this year and it turned out to be a great way to finish off the year. I worked so hard in the gym and keeping my meals clean always makes all the difference. For this competition I took a chance and stoned my own suit. I didn’t get all the stones on it that I wanted but it turned out beautiful. I felt ready for the show. I competed in figure over 35 & 45 age groups. After a long morning of prep with spray tan, hair and makeup it was finally my turn to enter the stage. It felt so rewarding to show off all my hard work and I felt pretty good.

After pre-judging I went back to my room took a nap, had my spray tan and makeup touched ups and headed back to the finals. Figure was the last to go on so we waited and waiting until 10:40 in the evening. First class was the 45 and over and I felt more relaxed than at pre-judging. We all lined up and did our turns and then left for stage. They called back the top 5 and I was so excited to hear my name. We lined up and they announced all the places and to my surprise I was 2nd place. I was so happy! We left the stage and then I came back for 35 and over. I still made top 5 in 35 and over at the age of 49. It felt so great! I place 5th in that class but was so happy to have placed with all these young beautiful women. Thanks to my trainer and coach Kim Oddo for all his guidance and support.