I finally made it back to the show I did 6 years ago in 2004, Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, PA. I never thought I would do this show again, but here I am at the age of 48 on the competition circuit. It was so exciting to be at this show since there was an over 45 division, which had 46 competitors and 6 height classes. I was hoping for a 1st place trophy just like every other woman that came to compete but after seeing how phenomenal all these women looked I feel lucky to have received my 4th place trophy. The women in my division were amazing and the winner of my height class took overall and won her pro card for the 45 and over division.


Many thanks to John Kreklo my coach for his guidance with dialing in my physique on this special day. Even a coach needs a coach and to have him by my side took a lot of pressure off me so I could focus and give my energy to my many clients.I also want to thank MaryJane Snyder for making the most beautiful competition suit for me. The time she spent making sure the suit was perfect meant the world to me. She is a very creative designer and a supportive and caring person.