Today was Masters Nationals, the competition I’ve been working towards and my final competition for the year. I feel great considering I missed my flight yesterday morning and had to find another way to Pittsburgh, PA. Luckily, I did and I made it there the night before the show; a little stressed and tired but at least I made it. Early Friday morning it took three hours getting my tan, makeup and hair, but everything looked amazing!

Friday morning there were over 230 women bodybuilders, figure and bikini girls backstage all getting ready to show all their hard work. I competed in Figure Masters 35 and 45 divisions. There were 34 women in my 35 and over class and being 49 I felt a little out of place looking at all those tight behinds. But I wanted to get out on stage to get the jitters out before my 45 and over division. I didn’t get first call outs but figured I had another chance in my next division.

As they lined up my 45 and over group I was hoping to get better call outs. I felt better on stage and hit all my poses with ease. But to my disappointment I didn’t get first call outs again. I went back to my room to look at pictures that my friend Deb took and could see the judges are clearly picking ladies with much more muscle in the shoulders and back.

It’s a good thing I enjoy doing this sport and learning how to improve myself. I will go home and make new goals and plans for next year. Because without goals and dreams, what do we have to look forward too.

Thanks to my trainer Kim Oddo for all his guidance and support. Thanks to my sponsor – Utah Body, my boyfriend, and to all the girls of the BBS Crew for their continued support. And a special thanks to Debra Arbogast for showing her support and friendship by coming to the show with me.