My journey to the Greater Gulf States Figure Competition in New Orleans which took place on June 24, 2011 took many long hours in the gym training and doing cardio. Some days I wondered how I would get it all in with everything else I had to do throughout my day. It’s a good thing I love to train. The cardio was a different story because I had to do two sessions a day. The first session was pretty easy, but it was hard making it to the gym for my second cardio session. I had to get creative by running bleachers and sprints at the local high school. As for the nutrition part of it, I must confess that I am human and had a few tough moments. To make my nutrition plan work I had to be very organized by cooking for the whole week and taking my food with me whenever I left the house.

There were over 200 competitors at the competition with 115 of them women in figure, bikini, and bodybuilding. I was so lucky to be able to be a part of Kim Oddo’s team; Oddo’s Angels. My coach, Kim Oddo, held a seminar for all his Angels, which included Ms. International Figure Nicole Wilkins. Nicole also held a posing session for all the girls and I am still amazed at how beautiful, sweet, and helpful she was. She is a true inspiration! It was a great evening with Kim and Nicole!

The next day was the pre-judging and I was in three classes; my open height class, Masters over 35, and Masters over 45. It was fun going on stage all three times because each time I felt more comfortable and did better each time. It was very suspenseful waiting for the finals to hear my placing’s. As we got ready for the night show all of Oddo’s Angels were there to support each other and I made many new, beautiful friends. It felt great to be a part of Kim’s team. Figure Master over 45 went first; they only placed the top three. We all did our walk and then went off stage. They called back the top three to go back on for trophies and I was so thrilled to be one of the top three. They announced third place, it wasn’t me, and then they announced my name as second place winner. I was so happy. Later, I went back on stage for Masters over 35, in which they only placed top three as well. We did our walk then walked off stage. They announced my name as third place! I was so excited since I am 49 and still was placing in the top three of the over 35 class. Later again I went back up on stage for the open class, which included all age groups. They placed the top five in this class and when they called me back for the top five I was thrilled! They called my name as fourth! Wow! Fourth in the open class at 49! All I can say is I was extremely happy and excited to have walked away with three trophies.

I would like to thank my coach, Kim Oddo. I would also like to thank head judge Sandy Williamson for her valuable feedback, which will help me get ready for Team Universe in two weeks and Master Nationals in July 2011. Wish me luck!!