I ran across a great article about a study done at Yale University on how some foods start to take over the brain to create a biological demand. Both animals and human studies suggest that an addictive process is possible. In 2001 there was a study called “Brain Dopamine and Obesity”, the results revealed that very obese people had lower levels of dopamine in the “reward” areas of their brains than normal weight people. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that motivates us to eat and engage in other rewarding behaviors. They used to believe that people were addicted because they were more sensitive to rewarding effects. They thought if they had more dopamine release, that it would be more pleasurable to eat. However, its the opposite. It appears that people who don’t get much reward from food want more and more because they never are satisfied. The study showed that the process of overeating calorie-dense foods is what changes dopamine receptors.