I would like to thank everyone for your support as I prepared for the 2012 Emerald Cup. The Emerald Cup in the past has been one of my favorite shows, and this time around was even better. Brad and Elaine Craig have always put the competitor first by making sure they are informed every step of the way during their journey. It is one of the most giving and supportive shows for the competitor.

Since I decided to do this show (five weeks out from competition), I had a lot of work to do to dial in my body. I worked hard with my coach Kim Oddo, as we analyzed my progress each week, making all the necessary adjustments. I was happy that I placed 2nd in the 50-and-over figure class with only five weeks of prep. It’s eight weeks until my next show The Greater Gulf States in New Orleans, then four more weeks until Master Nationals at the end of July. I am working hard to bring a complete package to both of these shows. The journey is so rewarding and exciting. I love the challenge and dedication it takes to better myself with each competition I do.

I had three clients who competed in this competition with me. Debra Arbogast was in my class and it was enjoyable being on stage with her. She placed 5th in the 50-and-over figure class. Veronica Malloy competed in the figure open C class and placed 6th. She will be competing at USA’s in July. Linda Auman placed 3rd in figure 40-and-over tall class. I will always remember and cherish the experience I had at the 2012 Emerald Cup, especially having my clients there with me. This made my journey more rewarding and enjoyable.