One of the key tools that make my clients so successful is POSITIVE affirmations. Many of my clients come to me with decades of damaging self-talk that have done nothing but cement a negative image and distract from the wonderful person they are meant to be.

That’s why I collect the goals and dreams of my clients on Day 1 when they submit their intake form. It helps me understand where they are mentally and create an affirmation sheet that will resonate with their personal thinking.

Being fit and reaching goals usually goes hand in hand with our own beliefs. My most successful clients understand this. While it’s crucial to have a support group, your success or your failure depends only on you. That’s why personal affirmations can be so powerful. What you tell yourself is true. So, by reading AND BELIEVING your personal affirmations you make it possible.

Pablo said:

“Everything you need is already within you. The beauty of life is that your DESTINY lies always in your hands. The time has come for you to STEP UP and BE GREAT.”

When reading your affirmations, visualize yourself in a movie. Close your eyes and repeat the words to make them as real as you possibly can. If a phrase or a sentence doesn’t resonate, change it to your own words until it does. In fact, when others compliment me, I often add those compliments to my personal affirmations. It makes them genuine and believable.

At first, it can be challenging to trust your affirmations, but with practice it becomes natural. When negative thoughts return, redirect that thought to a positive. For example:

Negative: I look old.

Positive: My face reflects my life experience, my personality, and my authentic emotions.

Negative: My breasts are too [small, big, droopy, uneven].

Positive: My breasts make me feminine. I am healthy and strong and a good-fitting bra helps me look my best.

Negative: My hips and thighs are huge!

Positive:  I am athletic. My quads, glutes, and hamstrings give me balance and strength. I’m curvy and attractive in my favorite jeans.

Negative: I’ll never reach my goals. I’m just not disciplined enough.

Positive: I was created to be healthy and fit. If I keep my daily commitments to myself I will make measurable progress every three weeks. Before I know it, I’ll reach my goals. My goals are achievable and the journey is rewarding.Below is a quiz from the April 2012

Below is a quiz from the April 2012 Experience Life magazine that may help.

How Healthy is your Body Image?

When you’re on good terms with your body, it shows. Here are some signs you’re on the right track:

1. When someone compliments you on your appearance or fitness, you’re gracious and accept the compliment as authentic.

2. You prefer to wear clothes that highlight your form rather than hide it.

3. It’s not hard to find an outfit in which you feel comfortable and attractive.

4. You rarely compare yourself to others. You recognize that you are unique.

5. You can admire another person’s physique without silently criticizing or judging your own.

6. When you pass by a mirror or storefront window, you don’t stop and nitpick your appearance; you might even give yourself and approving nod.

7. You can name several parts of your body that you genuinely like and appreciate.

8. You are more focused on optimizing your health, fitness, and confidence than on achieving a particular weight.