I have never seen anyone so determined, focused and driven as my client Debra Arbogast. She is 51 and never gives up on her dreams of competing on stage in figure competitions.

She has had several setbacks with SI joint issues, tennis elbow, carpel tunnel pain and arthritis in her knees. Most would have given up and decided to sit in front the TV for the rest of their life. Deb has kept her body strong by eating the right foods, strength training, and giving herself the right supplements. Her rewards are huge and it’s not just about that beautiful  trophy and tiara she received at the Emerald Cup for her fifth placing, her reward goes much deeper, it’s about self-worth and accomplishment.

You can see Deb competing again this weekend at the NGA Mountain States and then again at the NPC Utah on June 9, 2012. Congratulations Deb and good luck on your upcoming competitions! You are a perfect example of a woman over 50 still making her dreams come true!