Many times we have to make nutritional choices that on the surface seem to be arbitrary or without a clear train of thought, but here is another example of a contemporary and very volatile situation that is breaking news worldwide.

The FDA in now VERY concerned with the possibilities that one of the staples of our food-processed lives, canned food, may be seriously impacting the health and well-being of Americans. As training athletes concerned with only fueling with the best and most appropriate foods, take this as another example of why we sacrifice what we do, make the decisions that we do, and work hard to prepare only the most nutritious foods and fuels to provide the power to our training. The extra time you take to make sure you are doing the best for your training will pay off both in training and health benefit!

Read more on the FDA concerns at: http://z6mag.com/health/bpa-levels-in-canned-goods-soups-at-dangerous-levels-163235.html