Often it’s talked about that losing weight “feels great.” Many assume that this feeling only arrives after weeks of sweat and determination when the scale finally displays the goal number or your skinny jeans fit perfectly. And while, there is an incredible sense of accomplishment when you do reach a milestone goal, there is real happiness on your daily journey. Let me explain:

Your body is incredibly responsive. We heal from sickness. We feel energy from a great workout. Our minds feel the endorphins of positive thinking. As soon as you begin to give your body what it’s meant to receive… nutrition, hydration, activity, and self-love… it responds almost immediately. You feel light, energy, and power. And, you physically begin to FEEL a change.

Feel Hydrated

I always drink 12-16 glasses of water a day. I immediately feel refreshed, cooled, clean and light. It makes my food taste better.  Water keeps my skin soft and bright. It keeps my mouth feel clean and fresh. My stomach feels slimmer because I can digest my food easier and I avoid headaches. I love it because it’s pure and clean and doesn’t add a single calorie!

Feel Energetic

Eating the proper amount of calories and keeping sugar intake low gives you immediate energy.  By five o’clock you’ll either be sluggish from sugar or you’ll be actively engaged in your evening events. You’ll also feel lighter, thinner, and refreshed when you wake up after a proper day of exercise and nutrition.And, it’s exciting to jump on the scale and see progress every single day.

Feel Empowered

One of the greatest feelings in the world is progressing towards a goal! Each and every day that you follow your eating and exercise plan, you are taking a step (or two or three) forward. Your mind is incredibly powerful. Some of my clients have allowed themselves years of negative self-talk. It’s dark, damaging, and hurtful. However, just a few days of healthy eating and exercise quickly reverses that negativity. Light immediately penetrates darkness. You feel hopeful, excited, and CAPABLE of reaching your goals. And, if any thread of discouragement returns, you can quickly replace that fear with the knowledge that you are on your own path of success.

So begin enjoying the benefits of healthy nutrition and exercise on a daily basis. You’ll immediately fall in love with the way you FEEL!

“It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t…

It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.” ~James Gordon